I can't stop writing again

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I had a bad day.


I really am sad for some reason. I had a crappyyyyyy day. T didn't say goodbye to me or hug me after school... Did I do something wrong? Or is he just forgetful? :/

Oh well. Can't dwell on the past ;)

I got Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver today :D momma's so awesome, she got them both for me! *explodes*

So I've been playing Yiruma's "Love Me" and it's REALLY hard... But I'm doing ok! I really am! :3

The left hand is easiest... It's jusy playing both together that's the hard part!

Jonah and I sorta had a good moment today. We were drawing top hats and monocles and canes on some old doodles of mine he had in his binder. It was fun... I'm glad he's sorta trying now.

I feel so... Isolated today.

Which is odd.
But... I just do. Someone please reach out and help me ;A; <3

I honestly think I'm in love... Ohh dear... Shelby, Shelby, what have you gotten yourself into this time?
But I've never felt as strongly about someone as I do about T except for Jonah. Is that odd? I was so mixed up with G... I thought I did, but, I really didn't. I shouldn't have been so hasty. Now I waited, and I'm so sure that I do...
He doesn't just make me FEEL happy, he honestly makes me happy in an all-around sorta way... Is that strange? I feel sleepy when I think of him... Yawwwn...

I feel like crying...

I wish T was here...
He'd make me laugh... He always does. He knows HOW to, and he barely even knows me... I'm such a fool sometimes... Falling in love? Hah. I'm only fourteen... And yet...

Yet I do. So easily, it seems. Maybe I just mistake love sometimes. Not this time, however... This time, I'm sure. I love him. And that's hard to say. I don't want to, it sounds... Silly. It sounds stupid.

For what do I know about love...?

I don't, I suppose. All I know is I wanna be around him very badly, and he makes me smile and laugh and... And cry...

I'm so confused... I don't wanna be in love with someone who (might? I'm confused on that part too...) likes me back and can't date me! That's such a tease... It's a bittersweet truth.

I shouldn't have said anything. But yet... I'm glad I did. I was un-confident about it, and I persevered. I can't explain how many times a day I just... Go to my happy place, which is now yesterday... I just think back to the moment where he had his arm around me and was making me look at him because it made me laugh and how he can't frown... He really can't, hehe...

I should do something special for him. Well, besides learning "Love Me".

...Advice? What do I do? Is this wrong? Help...!



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POKEMON!!! I am a huge nerd

POKEMON!!! I am a huge nerd and got HeartGold the day it came out. There was this dude there who kept staring at me in total shock and disbelief that a girl like me would play Pokemon. XD

Anyway, I'm sorry about your situation. That really does suck... I'm extremely awful with advice, though.

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Haha! I am too! People always think I'm strange cuz I love it so much XD

Aww, I bet you're awesome at advice haha.. Still, thanks for the condolences. I really appreciate it.
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