I. Give. Up.

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I have been trying so hard to get over him, I really have. I've tried being interested in other people, which didn't work. I've tried telling myself I'm over him in order to get over him but that only works when I don't see him. I've tried distracting myself or telling myself this and that and the other thing.

But you know what? I think I gave up a while ago, I'm just acknowledging it now.

So yeah.

It's dumb because, I don't want a physical relationship anyway. And I'm not even jealous, so I dunno what my problem is.

It doesn't help that my friend K is always like "He should be dating YOU" though. Haha, I mean, it doesn't help me unless the person in question is the one who thinks that. But I'm not the only one with an inability to get over people.


Oh, by the way. I'm at a Borders using the 'net (because the net's out at my house) and a jazz cover of "Please don't stop the music" is playing. Is that awesome or is that awesome?

So yeah. I'm done. See you.


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I know what you mean... I

I know what you mean... I mean... I'm pretty over senior right now. But I'm also almost positive that if I were to see him right now I wouldn't be. I guess I'm actually lucky that he moved away... it spares me much trouble. xP

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I know this feeling so well.

I know this feeling so well. I have spent the last few months going through it, and I know it is hell!And as crap and cliche that this is. It just takes time. There will be days where you think you are grand, and then bang it hits you again, those pangs of wanting and not wanting and feelings, stupid awful feelings. But trust me it will start to fade gradually. Chin up and hugs!

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Wow, I'll agree with all

Wow, I'll agree with all three of you :/ It's like just when you think you're over them, it starts coming back over you again, right?
Well love youuu <3 *Hugggg* It'll be ok either way, dear :3
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