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it was like
a yes
but technically a no

He was like "I really do like you alot, Shelby..."
and had his arm around me ALOT
"...And I promise if I was allowed to, that I would. We would have been going out a long time ago!...But I'm really not allowed to...my parents would find out, and they're sick of me dating right now... I'm so sorry!" and then we were just sorta like that for a while, and then

"Shelby? *kisses my cheek* I have to go!"


I didn't expect that! Nevah! I'm really happy though. I sorta get a snuggle buddy friend X3

I am SO happy. He really is rediculously amazing. Chad, yah know what I mean C:

Ahhmmmmmmm... Even if I got rejected, I'm freakin' happy.


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awh :) I'm glad you're

awh :) I'm glad you're happy. that's so cute! and you didn't emotionally get rejected so that's pretty good...way to go!

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Thank you! <3 - Always hold

Thank you! <3
Always hold your head up high
If you don't, you'll never see the face of your killer.

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I'm Happy When You're Happy!

...And that appears to be NOW!

Well... you should be pleased with his explanation. How much longer is he obliged to chill?

"Cherried"? Am I that ancient? And...Whose new lips are those?

Btw, why should Chad know what you mean?

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Oh I'm usually happy, I just

Oh I'm usually happy, I just was ecstatic here XD

I don't really know. It worries me. If he really likes me as much as he shows... It'll be really hard to resist attacking him with affection from now on XD
Oh, cherry is his nickname. So I got "Cherried".
And the lips are my buddy's lips. It's his moustache XD

Chad would know cuz Chad goes to my school. and knows him as well :3
Always hold your head up high
If you don't, you'll never see the face of your killer.