I hate mornings.

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I'm usually in a good mood after being in school for a while, but getting dressed kind of depresses me, like to the point where I don't want to eat... And then I get to school and immediately regret that I haven't eaten breakfast.

In other news, my best friend K is (very) convinced that Blackbelt should be in a relationship with me and not Long Distance Boy. It's kind of awkward. He's also convinced that the moment I'm over him he's going to confess his feelings for me.

He also wants me to say something to him but I feel like, if he is harboring feelings for me it's kind of his turn now. Like, I've done more than my share and any more would just be pushy. Especially if he isn't interested, which is what I suspect. Like, even if he does have feelings for me they don't outdo his feelings for LDB so, it doesn't matter.

It also doesn't matter because if we were in a relationship it'd probably be exactly the same as being friends because I'm probably the least physical person ever.

So I guess if I'm still an ocean of wishy-washy after I have surgery and hopefully start feeling better about myself, I'll say something.

That's all. I have to go now.



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Mornings do suck.

Mornings do suck. >>

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