i have school tomorrow...

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math. yaaayyyy math. :P. 'specially when youve taken the same course three times. it just seems so fucking easy, i shouldnt have had to take it three times. but then again maybe it seems easy cause ive gone over the same crap over and over again. lol. but yes. i got 100 on my last test, only cause it was easy and stuff. :P. i kinda like my math teacher, she seems nice. :). not like the last four i had. >.>.
Christina is getting here in about 4 weeks. and cause its so close im sure four weeks will feel like forever. My stepdad's sister keeps teasing me about her :D, but not like how mom teases me. mom is mean about it :(, my stepdad's sister makes fun and thinks up of situations that would be hilarious if they actually happened. yesterday she told me that it'd be funny if Christina wasnt real and she was just like some program and i always got ready for nothing....or something like that. I suck at explaing as you can see.
im wacthing Slumdog Millionaire, me likes it. :D
we went to this mexican store today and i bought some kickass mexican candy. cause mexicans make good ass candy XD. even if they do contain led.......O_O; maybe i should cut back.....eh. it is yummy though. fuck.

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lol that made me giggle....even though it got bad ratings on fj......