I think she knows

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Me and my mom were walking home today and we were talking about the news that the Pope covered up abuse and eventually the topic turned to me ranting about how I don't believe in orgagnized religion and all their ridiculous rules and crap. So, right out of the blue my mom starts talking about gay people! She just starts saying how crazy it is that religious people hate them so much, and that gay people are normal and are just born that way, ect. And she kept going on about it. It was like she was trying to let me know that she is okay with gay people because she thinks I am one.

I think she's figured out. I mean, I've been trying to send out the message that I'm cool with gay people as well as get her views on the subject AND hopefully send her the message that I'm gay. It's apparently worked because that whole speach she gave today came completely out of left field. I didn't even mention gay people anywhere in my rant about religion she just jumped in there with it. She said something similar a month or so ago, something about how gay people are "normal" and stuff. I can't really remember.

Anyways, I guess this is good news...



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Aw :D Hoorah for cool moms

Aw :D Hoorah for cool moms who can interpret subtle messages! And some not-so-subtle messages!

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Yep, it was good to hear, but soooooo obvious.

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at least...

at least she's openminded to gays. thats a good thing.
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Ahh great news. So did you

Ahh great news. So did you tell her after she did her big speech?


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Huzzah! :D This is good

Huzzah! :D

This is good news, what a nice mom you have. :)
Just take it easy and keep breathing, one step at a time. :)

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haha, awesome, your mom is pretty cool :)

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Haha, thanks all :)

I was pretty happy that day after everything she said. It made me feel better because of the some of the not-so-nice things she's said in the past about gay people. It makes me feel that she's changed her views because of me.

And, MakesMeWonder, I didn't come out right then. I'm still a coward, you see. lol. Anything sexuality-wise is just too uncomfortable to talk to my mom about. Someday, though....like, when I have a girlfriend, I will let my rainbow flag fly. lol.