I totally just ruined Skins for myself....

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I found out the major spoiler from Effy's episode. Arggg!!!!! Damn Internet! The truth is that I've lost interest in this season. I watched up until Katie's episode (#4) and then I just lost that intense need to watch. Some of it has to do with my computer overreacting when I watch videos, but it's also because the show just got so dark and boring and it hasn't been as good as last season. Or, at least it hasn't to me.


Also, I thought what Naomi had done was completely and totally out of character. I don't believe for a moment that Naomi would cheat on Emily. Never. Ever. Ever. The Naomi I saw in season 3 was the type of person that was very strong and independent, but when it came to love she was very afraid and soft. And was very afraid of letting anyone in, but if she did let someone into her life, she would never let them down and she'd be there for them always. Fuck, she loved Emily you could see that! There's just no way in my mind that she would ever cheat. She's got morals and principals and she's just not the type of person that would do that. And for peat sakes they had only been together for a few months!


I was really pissed at first, but now I've just accepted it. I wasn't going to watch that episode any time soon, so I was bound to find out at some point. It still sucks because it would've been nice to have been surprised by it :/


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yeah... my little brother

yeah... my little brother found the same thing and ran into my room and screamed it.
>.< i was 5 minutes into Effy's episode, too.