Im a Bisexual boy whos trying to tell my parents what i am i need help!!!

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I'm trying to tell my parents that i'm bi but i don't want to put that burden on them they are busy right now trying to help my cousins get through their ordeal , my uncle cheated on my aunt so now were fighting them for custody so i cant tell them now what do i do?
I'm tired of keeping it a secret..

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perhaps hold out a bit until the family issues settle down? i mean if you pile to much on them, they could flip and do stuff they wouldnt normally

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FERRET LOVE PROFILE PHOTO! ANywhoozle, I agree. But don't go crazy, and don't put it off indefinitely. Do the middleground, and get a gauge on when things are going to be mostly blown over. Add some time so your parents can recuperate, and then come out. That's my best plan. Mostly get a gauge on your own specific situation, since it sounds unique. I understand that it sucks to have to postpone it, but I agree with Ferrets- waiting's better than parental overload.

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I agree...

With dah Ferrets.

However, I wanted to say, about the title, I think it should be "who I am", instead of "what I am"...

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I Agree...

Quite belatedly, I now recognize how insightful this observation is :(

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I'm going to have to agree

I'm going to have to agree with Ferrets, AND swimmerguy. Just wait until the family issue blows over, but in the meantime you don't have to actively keep it a secret, if you're that tired of it. Y'know, like if they directly ask you, tell them, that kind of thing.

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Good Advice!

Stick around! Your friends (all of above) will stand by you...

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heres advice...

i totally agree with wat everyone else has saiid. if u told them now, it would probably be so much worse. like wat ferrets, swimmerguy, and kittycat said.
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lol thanx

lol thanx guys!!1

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There's a difference between telling the truth and not lying. You don't have to come out to be out. Just stop lying and making sure they don't know you aren't bisexual. Don't censor yourself, say what you want and, if they ever ask, tell them. That's a good middle ground.

As for the family drama, there will always be something going on whereby you can't tell them. So, I'd just go with 'being out' instead of 'coming out.'

That way, they come to you in their time, and you don't have to worry as much.

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Jeff is right

I feel it would be better to just be out. You do not have to tell them as with time they will come to you after they figure it out. You do not have to flaunt it in any form just be yourself as you would like to be. The family issues will always be around with one thing or another. You need to be open with your self, your friends and with your family. You need to be honest with everyone. And as Jeff said they will come to you. Good luck, and always check with the local GLBT center for the who, what, where, and when on youth issues going on in your area.

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But we don't know his family

But we don't know his family life. This might be a good way of dealing with some parents, but if he has to ask, it doesn't sound perfect.

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My mom asked me before and i was silent i just couldnt tell her idk how it would affect her and she already has enough stress...

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Like others have suggested,

Like others have suggested, don't actively try to keep it a secret and hide it from them... Some parents get more stressed by this and think "WHY IS MY CHILD HIDING FROM ME ARE THEY USING DRUGSSS?!" or similar trains of though. Be who you are, and if now is not the best time to sit down and chat with your parents, give them time. Be who you are, and don't stop expressing yourself in a healthy way- draw, write, read, excessive, do math problems, etc.; don't let yourself feel bad or trapped in the closet, coming out's a process. :D [Or if you feel it will stress them out less, maybe telling them you don't know yet, you don't want to feel confined to a label, or you are curious.]
Just take it easy and keep breathing, one step at a time. :)