I'm new here.

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Hi, everybody. I'm new here, you probably picked that up from the title. Well, anyways my name is Jenna. I live in a small town and don't follow most people here. I like to be different and go against the flow. I like alternative rock, indie rock, and anything up that ally. Definitely no country. That's it for now. If anybody knows alot about this website or could help me out trying to figure it all out, I would really appreciate it.


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hi! welcome to oasis!

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heya Jenna, =] welcome

heya Jenna, =] welcome

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Thanks. How do you like

Thanks. How do you like Oasis? Is it a good website?

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Hi Jenna! I've got a girl at

Hi Jenna! I've got a girl at my school named Jenna! Haha!
I hope you love this site, it's absolutely, positively my favorite website in the world :3

We're a family- Welcome to it <3
I'm here to talk if you need me to! Good luck, and *HUGGGG*s to you!
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You where not asking me...

...but it is an amazing site. And I like it.

I only joined on the first of January, but from what I gather, it's pretty simple. Primarily, It is a website for all the teenage angst that accumulates in the daily life of GLBT teenagers. In other words, It's a big diary for homo-teens (and bi teens, trans teens, etc.). But I suspect you gathered that, and that I'm stating the obvious.

There are two adults on this site, Elph and jeff (with a rebelliously uncapitalized "j") who don't generally post, at least in the way teens do. They are mainly here for support, and they are very good at that. From what I hear, there is a third adult on here, though I've never "seen" him, so I do not know his name.

It's a little intimidating at first, but know everyone on here is super kind and nonjudgemental.

Good Luck

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That's awesome. Thanks, since looking around it has been pretty cool, I think I'm going to like it alot.
*Virtual Hug back*

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Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information Just Dave; it was really helpful.

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Ditto to "Just Dave"

Yep... I'm elph (and to the best of my knowledge, I don't deserve capitalization either).


You'll find Oasis safe and friendly. Just remember that the Journals and Forums are open to all... including wonderful Google! Info posted on your Profile and in PMs (seen only by the addressees) are private between just you and other Oasisians (friendly battle over whether this label is spelled correctly) :)

Also: Just a hint --- after posting a comment, you risk a "double" post if after "posting" you strike the "back" arrow...

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*Throws rainbow confetti*

Hope you enjoy Oasis.

It's good to just randomly ranting, at least that's what I use it for. Lol.

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