Is anyone participating in ScriptFrenzy?

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Many people online are familiar with NaNoWrimo, but I'm curious if anyone here is planning on participating in the offset of NaNo, ScriptFrenzy. It starts April 1st is the day you will begin your challenge of writing 100 pages of script in under a month.

I'm excited about it, but a little disappointed because I probably won't be able to produce 100 pages of script and finals for 5 classes in the same month... >_<;

I plan to write either a super hero comic or several short comic scripts. I want some of my characters to be SuperGay. Researching the history of gay super heroes is depressing, as is researching super heroines. After a few days of looking into both, I am uber QQ and full of deep sadness.

Has anyone read Hero? I'm interested, but not sure if it's worth the risk of it lying around the house and being outed by accident (rather then directly to my father, since my gayness is something I will likely have to explain to him this summer >_<).