Mock Wedding, she's leaving me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was remembering this Mock wedding that me and my friend (let's call her Jane) Jane set up. We had this whole ceremony, but we changed the 'You may now Kiss the bride' to 'You may now hug the bride'. It was really fun actually, but the sad part is that L (I'm calling her Lisa) was the 'best woman' and not the bride. I really like Lisa, too, but, well, she just is the kind of person that you can look at all you want, but she is a real loner. Oh well.
Another terrible thing that i found out today, Jane is leaving for Arkansas!!!!! She is one of my best friends! Another of my friends is graduating middle school, so I won't see her next year, and the year after that she has to move because her Dad's in the Air Force, s they move him around a lot.
My mom won't even consider letting me switch schools, even though the one I'm at doesn't have a math teacher! She said something along the lines of 'Your education isn't complete until you finish eighth grade' I go to a Waldorf school, fyi, so she won't let me go to somewhere else where I will probably get a better education!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for the huge rant. I just really needed to complain. Do you like my signature????? I can make anyone one with whatever they want on it.