motorcycles and string cheese

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i cant look at motorcycles or the cross section leading up to school the same way anymore :/

friday was as boring as any other day, except for the ":D" feeling of the weekend being oh so very close (and the fact that i was going to the beach after school with some friends >D). anyways, what kinda changed that feeling was an announcement over the intercom that had no effect over me up until the end of school. in the beginning of 5th period and lunch, there was an announcement that said that seniors couldnt drive off the campus for lunch because an accident had occured involving a motorcyclist at the cross section leading up to the school.

so, after school i saw my friend and she looked upset so i asked her what was wrong once we got on the bus. she said that she had texted string cheese to ask him where he was during options and he said that he was involved in the accident. she and i (mostly her, though) were upset and worried if he was ok or not. later when more people started getting on the bus they were talking about the accident and that it was a student from our school that hit the motorcyclist and that the student had killed him, too. after we heard that we got more worried and stayed quiet to hear what else they had heard. but that's all they said, they felt bad that the motorcyclist died, it was mostly expected that he'd die.

when we got to her house 2 of our friends (um, orange ninja and chipmunk...) came to pick us up to go to the beach, but first to go and visit string cheese to check up on him. on our way there JJ was looking out the window, silent and tearing up a little, which made me feel sad and helpless :/ but when we got to his house he looked physically fine (thank goodness) but when he smiled, it showed that he wasnt emotionally well. orange ninja asked him what had happened but string cheese didnt want to talk about it, he just wanted to know what other people knew (which was that a student from our school hit and killed a motorcyclist). all he told us was that it wasnt his fault and that they took his car away and that he has been feeling horrible. so we convinced him to come with us to the beach as originally planned to take his mind off of things and he agreed. after we left, i heard JJ pounce on string cheese and tell him that he had worried her so much and that he had made her cry. he hugged her back and said sorry. orange ninja happened to look back and he appeared a bit jealous...(he likes JJ a lot, but she doesnt like him back that way, so there be a little problem going on there...). the beach idea helped, he felt a lot better afterwards :)

but wait until school....-_- i hope nobody goes and tells other people that it was him because it wouldnt help much, he already lost his car and has the guilt of taking a persons life. i think he'd appreciate it more if not a lot of people knew it was him, which is why i havent told another friend :/ oh well. until later, toodles