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This is my unbelievably short screenplay. It's horrid, but it was fun. xD

Ftr, it's a rough draft. there's a lot of stuff that's unnecessary, and a lot of stuff I should probably add. Buthat'scool. I'd love opinions, though. ^^


Setting: A teenager's bedroom. On the bed are star wars sheets. There's a tv with shelves under it, filled only with only scifi dvds, and various comedies. A few dvds lie on top of the tv. A computer in the room is on. There's a window on one side of the room. Two boys, Jessie and Zack, sit on the bed tossing a miniature basketball back and forth.

Zack: So dude, I've decided what I'm gonna be when I grow up.

Jessie attempts at looking uninterested, but doesn't succeed. Zack doesn't seem to notice.

Jessie: Oh really? What? Mind you, I don't know why I'm asking... you pretty much change your mind every week.

Zack: Do not!

Jessie [laughing]: Whatever. Just tell me what.

Zack: I'm gonna be a screenwriter!

Zack looks at Jessie as if he's just presented the greatest idea in the history of mankind. Jessie looks confused. He blinks a lot as he talks, exaggerating his confused expression

Jessie: W-um... what brought this about?

Zack: Well, I've always been somewhat of a writer anyways, and it just seems fun.

Jessie: .... and...?

Zack: Whaddya mean and? That's all!

Jessie: Oh please! You always have an ulterior motive!!

Zack looks at Jessie for a moment. He hesitates, but it's almost unnoticeable.

Zack: Do not!

Jessie: I've known you since I was four, Zack! I've never heard you do or say anything without some sort of plan. Not -once-. So spill.

Zack: Alright fine! Here's how I figure, okay? [He catches the ball and puts it down beside him, adopting a somewhat mocking serious manner] If I could become a good enough writer, I could get an award or something...

He pauses and looks to Jessie as if to make sure he's following

Jessie: You could do that for almost anything, Zack..

Zack: Well, right, but figure I -do- get an award

Jessie: Right

Zack: Well then I could meet all them cuties, like... Taylor Lautner, or... Zack Effron.

He says the second name with some hesitance and looks at Jessie, who suddenly seems irritated

Jessie: What're you talking about? You hate Zack Effron! You think he stold your name or something! And don't say 'them cuties,' you know grammar like that annoys the hell out of me!

Zack looks hurt

Zack: Well how would you know if I hate him anyways??

Jessie: Because you say it every time he's brought up!

Zack: fine them, nevermind! I'll write for Doctor Who and meet Matt Smith!

Jessie: as if you'd be good enough!!!

Zack: Of course I'd be good enough!! Some best friend you are, saying I wouldn't be good enough to achieve my dreams!

By now they practically yell

Jessie: Oh please! It's not your dream! You just want to meet guys!

Zack: You know what? I'll never introduce Matt Smith to you when I -do- meet him!

Jessie goes into a stunned silence at the mere suggestion of a broken promise from his best friend. Zack says nothing more. there's total silence in the room. Out the window a flutter of wings is heard. the computer changes to a screen saver - all of the pictures are from Doctor Who. Zack and Jessie both stare at the various Jedi on the blankets. Suddenly they start making out. This goes on. A knock comes at the door and both Zack and Jessie immediately sit straight up, looking uncomfortable. They avoid looking into each others eyes; instead they take turns glancing at each other for a second at a time. the knock comes again.

Jessie: Yes?

Jessie's Mum: Is everything okay? We heard yelling.

Jessie: Yes, Ma. Zack and i were just having an argument about whether Stargate or Star Trek is better.

Jessie's Mum: that's lovely dear.

Jessie and Zack listen to footsteps going downstairs. They look at each other slowly.

Jessie: Well... Shit.

Zack: Poetically put.

Jessie: Yup..



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awsome :) i love how they are like pissed and then suddenly just getting it on XD

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i like it :D sorta reminds me of something i saw on tv, 2 guys (who happen to be cops) were fighting, beating eachother up, then, randomly, one of them goes to the other as if he were going to knock him down and kisses him hard, so the other guy pushes him back and they stare at eachother confused then start making out while they guys wife watches from the kitchen window, i thought it was epic

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Thanks. xD Yeah, there's a

Thanks. xD

Yeah, there's a moment like that in revers on torchwood... just about the hottest kiss you can imagine, immediately into a huge fight... but it's an amused fight, so I dunno if it counts. xD

But before the kiss you think they're gonna start shooting each other. It's fun. >>

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