Om Nom Nom?

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nope. i left home with out anything to eat. but i have gum so i should be good for the 1 1/2 im at school. :). i got here today, and it didnt feel like it usually does. which sucks alot. cause that means i dont want to be here....which i shouldnt be feeling on account that im only here twice a week...maybe its the whole not being able to talk to christina. oh, i snuck the phone again last night :P we only talked for about 7 minutes or so cause she had to get ready for school. :(. but i felt so much better. i actually fell asleep right away and i didnt cry. :D. but i just dont feel the same. :P. i wanted to ask my stepdad while we were alone, but i guess thats not gonna happen.


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Ask him babe! I miss you. And I love you. Only 12 days!!! :D

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i miss you too :(. and i love you too :*.
yayyyyy! that also keeps me up at night :) but im sure those twelve days will feel like forever D:

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om nom nom is my favorite saying at the moment.

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