orchestra... :/

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orchestra makes me happy, but reminds me of sad stuff at the same time -___-

eh, i went to this NW Orchetra festival thing and we won third place again :D which is a miracle o_o the other schools were AMAAAZINGLY good, and we got 3rd :D eh, what's sad though is that it was my last year going. eh, it sucks, it was my favorite time of the year, something i looked forward going to, especially with my little orchestra family. eh, im going to miss them all :/ but i kinda feel bad for next years orchestra, though, because, um, haha, all our viola players are seniors (10 viola's), and one of em is in germany this year and coming back next year to at least 1 other viola player, so the orchestra might fall...badly...

also, thinking about it, just three months and then im gone from high school forever o_o geez, time flies by rather quickly, last time i remembered counting down 'til i graduated was in 3rd grade and now it's only three months @_@

hm, looking forward to my bestest buddy's birthday this thursday :D gonna eat at olive garden (for the first time) with her family ^_^ , the last competition ever this tuesday (not today...haha), aaand break soon

until i write again, toodles


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H...Holy fuck. You were

H...Holy fuck. You were there too!?
I went to an orchestra festival yesterday too D: Holy shit. If that's the same one, I'm terrified XD
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Could be...

...after all, you're not that far apart...

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i was at the northwest orchestra festival in oregon, was that the one you were at?