Privacy Tips from a Pro: This Ain't Facebook Y'all...

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In light of recent events, and the fact that this issue seems to be pandemic not just here, but all over the web, Ol' Icarus here is going to give a few pointers on how NOT to screw up your life and other people's lives on Oasis.

1. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT post personal information, such as phone number, email address, facebook profile, etc... on Oasis if you aren't out to everyone. Posts are visible to EVERYONE, not just members. Which means, some lurker might come across your journal, find your info, and do god knows what with it or your homphobic best friend might ask to use your computer, and seeing your history, come upon this site, and then problems will most likely arise. In other words, be very careful with information you give out.

2. In that same vein, DO NOT post other people's names in your journals either. Don't use first names and definitely do not use last names. This is mostly just in case someone you know stumbles across your journal or oasis in general. People are smarter and more paranoid than you think. So if you spend two or three paragraphs waxing poetic about how sexy Johnny Everyboy's ass is, and someone finds it, there's not much by way of excuses that could get you out of that one, especially if it's Johnny Everyboy who finds it.

3. Let me spell out something that I think almost every long time member has either been a part of or has had to deal with: Journal catfights are not fun to partake in, nor are they fun to read. "But Icarus, what are journal catfights?" you ask. Journal catfights are when two (or more) Oasis members, real-life friends or not, decide for some reason that they hate each other's guts for the time being. Someone starts it by posting a rather nasty, passive-aggressive journal, sometimes naming names, sometimes not. This leads to the other person commenting on the journal with something equally nasty. The fight can continue either through commenting or journals. Either way, it's not a good idea, for myriad reasons.
A.) It is extremely to take up the main page with your bickering when other people just want to read about their friends' day and various other thoughts. We all come here to de-stress, and to read two people's bitching is just a downer.
B.) Emotionally, how does this help you or anyone else? Fighting online helps no one and from experience, I can say it's quite pointless to hash it out in public when PMs are just as easy.
C.) What do you do when someone's not answering their PMs? Get over it. Let them settle down. Don't post a journal full of cruelty just to guarantee they'll see it. That only fuels the fire.
D.) I probably can't stress this enough, so I'll say it again. People do not want to read journals about two people fighting. It's selfish and completely inappropriate to assume that people want to waste their time skipping through the catfight journals to actually find out about other things. Just don't do it.

4. If you are experiencing suicidal or harmful thoughts, and have been for a while, yeah posting journals is great, but 99% of the comments to that journal are going to be encouraging you to get help. Jeff has done a very good job of posting many different resources you can reach out to in your time of need. We love it when you post journals to let us know that you're okay, but if you're down that low, give maybe one short post and then seek help, IMMEDIATELY.

5. Private issues are best kept private. By this I mean, if you need to speak to someone about something that most would consider sensitive material, don't publicly post it for all to see. Assume the other person wouldn't want it broadcast for everyone to see, even if they don't care, respect their privacy, and keep matters between yourselves.

That's about all I can think of right now. Feel free to add your own, and try to keep them in mind next time you're thinking about posting something.


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thank you

i agree heartily :D

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Well I think the bitchfight

Well I think the bitchfight one is KINDA off... We are supposed to be a FAMILY. Family argue, but the don't hold it out for months in a public area...

And I work with someone from Trevor, so if someone needs to talk they could PM me...

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I think calling Trevor direct is the best method for someone suicidal.

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If you are experianceing suicidal thoughts, call direct. If you are just depressed pm me and we can talk it out.

"Here I am with all my heart, I hope you understand. I know I let you down. But I'm never gonna make that mistake again. You brought me closer to who I really am. Come take my hand. I want the world to see, What you mean to me!" - What You Mean To M

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If this were Facebook I'd

If this were Facebook I'd 'like' this. Go Icarus and go privacy.

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Thank you for this helpful post.

Kind of a reality check for me lol. Thanks for opening my eyes a bit. :)

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