Probably... One of the best days of my life.

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I'm not kidding. So at school, I stayed after for the basketball and T was there. He stayed and talked to me for a while, and he had to go at four. He then asked "Do you wanna come with me?"
And I was like "Uhhh"
But he pulled my arm and we ran off together. I didn't tell anybody I left, but couple of my friends watched me leave. I left my stuff at the school. Well, we walked and talked all the way to his house, which was really awesome, and I stayed over for an hour. Really! He introduced me to his Vietnamese mother and little brothers (Three cuties!!) Who all couldn't speak English well... Not really at all. Then he fed me :D He's almost forcingly polite, like "Ok, I'm gonna feed you now. Do you want soup? Yes, you do. Alright, thick or thin?" "Thick please" "Alright! Thick it is! And do you want it piping hot, or just sorta warm?" "I don't exactly mind" "WELL FINE We'll play rock-paper-scissors, then, and if you win it's piping hot"
*I win*
"Yes, hot is is. Now please will you turn the stove on while I get you something to drink? What do you want?" and on and on and wow, he's very polite. Seriously. We had soup, Aloe juice (WHICH WAS AWESOME) A hunk of bread (He gave me the bigger half :D) and some chocolate pudding for dessert X3
I wasn't even that hungry... But still, it was awesomely nice.

We hung out for an hour, which was really cool, we just sorta talked and he showed me around his very nice house. Which smelled like fantasticness. His mom was really nice even though she didn't speak English. I felt so at home ^^
One of the best things about T is the closer we get, we really are getting to be friends! It's awesome! I'm opening up around him really quickly, he just sorta understands me better than most guys. And he's just so funny. And sorta protective. I was walking next to the road and he grabbed my shoulders suddenly and put me on the other side of him and was like "I don't want you to get run over. At least this way if a car is coming, I can push you outta the way before I get smashed."

Haha. It was funny. Even if he doesn't like me back (As if he WOULD! I'm just so Shelby! D:) I am so perfectly happy being his friend. Around him, I don't have to act happy. I just am. And I love that feeling.

I sooo would get whacked if my parents found out about that whole "I went somewhere without asking" part, but... It was entirely, soooo worth it. I just loved spending time with a new friend.

I told G that I went there and he was like "WHAT? He hasn't even let ME go over there yet!" and then an awkward silence... and then "Well, uhh, what'd you do there?"

Poor G probably feels like I was makin' out with him or something O.o
He offered to give me one of his ties. He was serious about it too... I would have SO taken it, but... I'd feel terrible. I don't like taking people's stuff.

I think I am just too happy lately. It's like I'm high 24/7 :DDDDD

Life's just so great right now...

So, random survey, describe yourself in one word!

"Dreamer" Is what I'm going for, I suppose.


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awesome, hopefully this happyness keeps on going :D

um...weird......haha, i dont know, people call me weird, so i guess i'll stick with that for now :P

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Weird is good! and certainly

Weird is good! and certainly a compliment! :)
Or, at least, the way I see it ;D
Always hold your head up high
If you don't, you'll never see the face of your killer.

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Awesome! He sounds nice,

Awesome! He sounds nice, really great. Okay, one word.... ascertained. Cause I know who I am, and that encompasses all of me. :D

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Awesome! :D - Always hold

Awesome! :D
Always hold your head up high
If you don't, you'll never see the face of your killer.

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I Feel It, Shelby!

There's a lot to be said for just being friends!

He sounds like a real "keeper".

Please... Don't scare him off :) or should it be :( ? You decide.

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There's absolutely no way I

There's absolutely no way I could scare him off, I think.
He sorta read everything in my personal journal already. And not only accepted my creepiness, but sort of liked who I was inside.

Such an awesome buddy :)
Always hold your head up high
If you don't, you'll never see the face of your killer.