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So I sort of slipped into an e-mail with Blackbelt that I'm not quite entirely over him but it's not bugging me. So far he hasn't said anything conclusive either way about how he feels about me, only that he wouldn't want to be in a relationship with anyone because of the lack of physical contact, which happened to be the subject at hand in which I slipped the thing about not quite being over him yet into. Did you follow all of that?

I'm pretty sure this just means he's being oblivious. He does that sometimes... Oftentimes.

So yeah. That's my life as of late. That and pokemon. And unfinished homework. I have a lot of that. >_>

OH. AND I HAVE A NEW CAMERA. A DSLR. IT'S FANTASTIC. (It's a Cannon EOS Rebel XSi, I'm not sure if that many letters were necessary to its identification but there you go.) I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. But I mean, I better. I've been saving up for this thing for just short of -forever-. Ha. I've been so excited about it I haven't had the patience to take any actually decent photos with the thing. Shame on me.

So THAT'S my life as of late.

Well, there's a lot of other stuff too but it's all bleh and I'm in a good mood so I'm not going to ruin it.


I SHOULD BE SHOT. (Terrible pun, yes I know.)

All of this trouble to get hormones and I'm already spacing on this stuff. I think it was easier to remember before my body completely adjusted. Now the testosterone doesn't feel 'foreign' or 'new' in any way so I forgot. I remembered on Saturday, but not on Sunday which is the day I need to remember on.

Go me.

I can't remember if I did it or not though, which bothers me. Because it almost feels like I did but I could just remembering from the week before. It's all blurred together... I won't die if I have a double dose of T though, I might feel kind of awkward until it goes back to normal but it won't kill me unless I'm doing it all of the time. Which I'm not, So I think I'm going to just go ahead...

Ohman I'm so stupid though. XP