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Well, not really... I've been thinking about this for a while...

But I want an idea for a screenplay or stageplay... like, one that I'll actually follow up on. I'd like something comedic, but with serious moments.. but not like... when I say comedic I mean like doctor who or joss whedon. If that makes sense...

As for why I'm asking this now? Cuz... xD

So.. I dunno... anybody wanna help out? Please? >>


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*wolfy points a gun at you*

*wolfy points a gun at you* gemme all your monies! *wolfy pulls trigger and a "BANG" flag comes out* YUSH I GOTTED YOU!*runs away laughing maniacly*

Its my story, and I will write it out the way I want it to be, or I will find a way to re-write it. - Me

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:P My need for this was


My need for this was actually entirely inspired by a facebook status... not nph. (Believe it or not.. oO). so mehhh.

"Assets, assets..."

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