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Everyone thinks I'm really weird because I'm not going to the special ninth-grade-only spring formal... I don't see how it makes me weird. No guys want to go, and no one questions them! Most of them are still going, though. I feel bad for them.

The whole thing is just one big DO NOT WANT. I don't mix well with the other high school people at my school; all my friends are either in middle school, college, or some other high school. Most of the people in my grade at school are especially lame, second only to about half of the junior boys, who are just plain awful. (They always block the stairway to my first class and intentionally hit animals with their cars...)

First off, the thing is like... uber, uber formal. I'm totally okay with wearing a dress--I own about five--but I don't want to wear a hugely poofy one that weighs as much as I do, which is pretty much what they're requiring. D: There are also apparently 3294832 rules at the dance, all of which pretty much kill any fun anyone may have. And you can't even go alone. You HAVE to bring someone of the opposite sex.

Anyway, yeah, I'm not going, and everyone's giving me shit for it.

IN OTHER NEWS... French Class Girl got really mad at this one guy today. I didn't see it, but she told everyone about it. He's kind of an asshole. Apparently he came up to her and said, "French Class Girl, you're a lesbian, right?" and she freaked out. Poor French Class Girl...

And then, at the end of French class, she felt bad and went to go call her mom, and right after she left, this one really douchebaggy guy asked Irritating Girl, "Are you the 'man'?"

... :|

I know I always poke fun at French Class Girl because she's a little bit stupid, but I don't actually mean it. D: I feel bad for her, actually. She's soooo totally into Irritating Girl, who flirts with her just for the hell of it. And WTF at the "man" comment.

Anyway, I'm bored and alone on a Friday night. Great. My parents are both out having sex with their significant others, and my sister is staying at my grandparents' house, so it's just me and the cat. Argh, fuck having no life. Also I am pissed because I am sitting at home, unable to go anywhere, and my friend came to town with some tenth graders. I don't know the tenth graders, but if I did manage to coincidentally go into the same place they did, and I saw her, my happiness level would bubble up over 9000, causing me to explode. There are only about three places in town that anyone ever goes to, so I'd stand a good chance of finding her. Well, I would if I wasn't trapped in my house doing a bunch of bullshit!


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Yeah, formals won't be that

Yeah, formals won't be that fun if you're not get along with most of the people there... plus having all those rules just sort of takes the fun out of it.

How come French class girl and irritating girl are getting picked on now? Those guys are real douches ay. Did anyone stick up for them?

It's alright, yesterday was my Friday. I stayed at home too. It's good to have time to yourself

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Oh, yeah, I've heard alllll

Oh, yeah, I've heard alllll about the rules. They're insane. There's a bunch of security, and ridiculously strict rules on how one can dance. And there's apparently going to be a CRAZY number of chaperones... like, more than even makes sense. I dunno, I think they're going more than a little bit overboard.

I dunno why they're getting harassed all of a sudden. Irritating Girl isn't even gay; she's usually one of the ones who harasses gay people! But apparently one of those mega-douchebags who's mean to everyone stated it.