School is just a big stupid DLJFKDSJFDJ.

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I have school tomorrow. I am one sad Super Duck. :C Spring Break must not end! NOOOO!

Well, it's not all bad, I guess, and there's one thing that could possibly end up being really big.

I'm sort of looking forward to seeing my favorite dumbass after her little fit on facebook. I'll just smile reaaalllly big right in her face. Everything pisses her off, so she'll probably try and bite my head off, and I'll just laugh at her. Oooh, I can't wait! What would we do without French Class Girl?

Also, I get to annoy my rival. >:D That's always great! It's not as fun as annoying French Class Girl, though, because my rival, as much as I hate to admit it, has half a brain. She is capable of controlling herself, unlike SOMEONE.

Ah, the big thing. I think it's on Wednesday, or maybe Thursday. It's some time late next week. A bunch of schools get together and have this... thing... I'm not really sure how to describe it. It's kind of like a test to see which school has the best students in a bunch of different subjects. The teachers pick the best students to go and take the tests. I have to go take one. I've taken one each year since seventh grade, so it's nothing really new to me.

Why is this worth mentioning? Well, it's a bunch of different schools... and there's this one school I really hate nowadays that always goes. I think you know where I am headed with this. It's going to be hell finding her if she does go. We won't be in the same one since her school doesn't offer the subject I'm doing. D: But my rival is taking a different one, and I might tell her to watch for her. Plus, there's always a few minutes after the test before everyone gets sorted out and leaves, so maybe if I'm fast enough...

My friend has gone to the test thing every year since seventh grade too. Seeing her at the seventh grade one is my earliest memory of her! She took the same one as me. We didn't know each other then... But there was this really beautiful girl that I was intimidated/made nervous by because she kept talking to people before the thing started, and it turned out to be her! XD Crazy shit! I got scared and hid in the corner, but she saw me anyway, and I just about forgot my name when she asked. I was absolutely ridiculous, in case you couldn't tell. Silly Younger Super Duck, that's your friend!

And then last year, we also took the same one again, and she decided she'd sit with me instead of her friends from her... well I'm not sure if I should call it old or new now... school, and I felt sooo special! But I don't know for sure if she'll be there this time. :S And even if she is, my chances of finding her are slim. Aww, I'll be so pissed if she goes, and I don't find her.

Sigh... I just want to see her, even if it's only for a minute. I just want to see her and give her a hug and tell her I miss her.