She's mine to hold

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My baby, my angel, my only love.
Givin to me from the gods above.
I'll keep her safe from dangers path.
Those between us will fear my wrath.
I'll never leave her side, right here.
A kiss from her my life's so clear.
A hug a kiss, were holding hands.
like in heaven but on these lands.
I'll hold her tight, I'll hold her dear.
I promise she won't shed a tear.
I'll love her till the day I die.
I'll make her happy at every sigh.
I try so hard to make her smile.
My love for her, I watch it pile.
But all I want is her to love me.
Gazing at her all I see.
I'll die to protect her I'll do anything.
Awaiting the day she gets the ring.
Bound by love forever stored.
My love for her deeply roared.
She's so beautiful she's so caring.
She's all I want I can't stop staring.
For half a year I've loved her longer
Our love growing so much stronger.
Running my hands through her face and hair.
She's safe with me but only where.
For all my life and all my love.
All I offers the stars above.
Keeping her close and safe forever.
I stand holding her. were here together.
Touching her, this scolding cold.
But she's still....
Mine to hold....

I remember when Jonah wrote that for me.

OK picture dump time!

Walk 16 by ~Dracofangxxx on deviantART

Walk 10 by ~Dracofangxxx on deviantART

Walk 1 by ~Dracofangxxx on deviantART

Refreshing by ~Dracofangxxx on deviantART

Sarafina by ~Dracofangxxx on deviantART

Michelle by ~Dracofangxxx on deviantART

Push my buttons by ~Dracofangxxx on deviantART

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Claire by ~Dracofangxxx on deviantART

Starlets by ~Dracofangxxx on deviantART

Just a few of my favorite pictures that I had taken on the long-ass walk with Kay. Hehe. If you want to see more of my pictures, (Now, Jeff, don't kill me) Here's a link to my gallery.

Simple as that. I know the pictures would lead you to my gallery ANYWAYS but.... One link might be easier? >_>;; I dunno.

I love photography.

I realized how hard it is to let Jonah go.

Actually... Today, I was listening to the radio, and "I'm Yours" came on (which was our "Song". How cheesy) and it was the first time I actually LISTENED to it since he left. I cried. Then, after that, "Hey Soul Sister" by Train came on (My new favorite song) and I felt better. But how ironic. I suppose you guys probably don't get the irony in that XD Sorry!

I'm so sad lately, what's wrong with me?

I wonder if you're reading this, and I hope you know I'm too scared to talk to you. I wonder if you ever read the little messages I try to say, even in person, when I trip over my words, and lose my jokes to the "What ifs" of our relationship... I wonder sometimes if maybe I'm not open enough, and I see sometimes I'm too open. I wish I could find a happy medium for you, for my friends, for my family. But there's a certain pain in the girl writing this, and the girl that laughs and forgets her pain, and the medium between them is almost nonexistant. So for now, for now I'll keep my tears concealed and my personality monitored, for I'm not sure how you'll feel about the real me... I'm not even sure who the real me is anymore. I need an escape, to be alone, and yet being alone is what's killing me right now. I love you, and I know it was wrong to ever open up the opportunity to tell you because now I find that the more I try to joke with you, the more annoyed you seem to become... I'm so awkward in my jokes, and so brutal sometimes in trying to tease because that's how you are, but... I never win. I suppose that's my lack of confidence, or maybe just my luck, that I'm not acceptably nice and funny at the same time. I suppose I'm built wrong, like a vegetarian bacon burger. All correct with a little wrong, or all wrong with a little right... Do you ever know how nervous you make me feel? Looking at you is like staring at an angel... I don't talk much because I worry too much, I suppose, but I don't want you to stop talking to me just because I'm an idiot...


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A True Labor of Love!

How is it possible for anyone to read this and avoid experiencing the most visceral of emotions? Yours!

You've said it... and I dearly hope he's read it!


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hey soul sister

ain't that mr. mister on the radio, stereo, the way you look ain't fair you know!

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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Ifreakinglovethatsong <3 Not

Ifreakinglovethatsong <3 Not even kidding you XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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i love that song too

but not as much as vanilla twilight and (i'm yours)

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)