Sistah you've got it all!

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God, addicted to this song!

Just just just listen! It's AWESOMELY pervy!!

Ahh, Jason Mraz!!! XDDDD

It's really sexy and hot though >///<;;;

So how are you all? I've had a fabulous day. Remember T? My buddy who's GF is cheating on him? Well... I gave him my private journal over the weekend, and he wrote like five pages in it. And it was really nice. He's much more... Deep than I thought. He's very caring. So that was really cool. He wants to get to know me more, and I'm excited! I think (As well as he does) That we'll "Click". He seems like my type to become really close with. I'm very happy. He was like "T let me sit by Shelby!" and she said "Noo, I'm too lazy" so he picked her up and sat her in a different chair so he could sit by me. But then my orchestra teacher put everyone on steps around me XD including him. Haha. It was sad. But we got into a poke-fight in the middle of the class. Very fun.

He seems... Sorta gay. But he's not. He said he's straight.
OH yeah, I was cooking fried chicken strips earlier, and a splatter of hot oil GOT INTO MY EYE.


So yeah, I'm addicted to Rise Against again. J got me into them, but I haven't listened for a while... I might even learn more of "Swing Life Away" on piano. This music... I thought it'd make me sad. But it makes me happy. They're happy memories.

Gosh, I do miss him...