Some people are in dire need of a large glass of shut the fuck up.

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I just owned... No, I did more than that; I don't think there's even a verb for what I did. I completely and totally just made French Class Girl look like a gigantic asshole, then rendered her speechless.

This was not unwarranted. I'm sure most of you know about the recent controversy over a girl here in Mississippi wanting to take her girlfriend to the prom. (My friend just made me so proud by supporting the girl! ♥ I wish my friend wasn't so far away, so I could give her a big hug...) Well, Miss French Class Girl, queen of the closet cases, was ENRAGED by the fact that someone would dare try and take a same-sex date to a dance! She posted this really bitchy thing on facebook, and I felt the need to comment.

I very calmly asked French Class Girl how it would hurt anyone if this girl went to the prom. She had a giant fit and replied back, telling me to shut the fuck up and kiss her ass. I said I'd really prefer not to, and I asked her why she was being so rude. I also asked her why she was so afraid of dissent. She did not answer either question and made some shitty remark I don't remember all that well, and I said, "Just come out of the closet."

She never replied back.

But that's not even the best part. After I had finished arguing, a girl she absolutely ADORES enters the fray and basically tells her to suck it 'cause I'm right, and she's wrong. (It was not Irritating Girl, but rather some senior French Class Girl seems to have a thing for. The senior is really cool, though, from what I can tell.)

It was the greatest. THE GREATEST!

Haha, oh, some random ass told me to get a life because I had the audacity to DISAGREE with French Class Girl. Oh, I am soooo hurt! In fact, I just might go throw myself off my house. A random girl I will never meet hates me!

Ahahaha, fuck them. French Class Girl, you, I, and the entire internet all know that all you want is a gaping mouthful of pussy, so shut up. I have more of a life than you ever will because I am not some self-loathing bitch with anger issues who cries to her friends every time someone has a different opinion. Stick to Irritating Girl; that senior is too good for you.

...Oh, my god. This is the meanest I have ever been to anyone in my entire life. Wow. I feel kinda bad now.


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I like the mean, personally,

I like the mean, personally, it's really funny :3
Always hold your head up high
If you don't, you'll never see the face of your killer.

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It actually felt really good

It actually felt really good to be that mean. D: She really pissed me off, and the whole crying to her friend about that meeeeean girl who disagreed made it 10x worse.

She is so easy to pwn. Soooo easy.

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i'm so proud of you! ^^ and if this was facebook? i would like this...then unlike it just so i could like it yoiu pwned AND you had back up...that was....double pwn!

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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And I wasn't backed up by

And I wasn't backed up by just anybody! I was backed up by one of her crushes! Haha! She got pwned to the 23423th power.

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I get mad about irrational people too sometimes...

Like those people who are just such stupid little homophobes.
And so, they can't be swayed.
So, rather than getting angry at them, you should just laugh at them.

I would love to just go to Westboro Baptist Church mass, and then they'd say something like "and God hates red haired people, and hair dye".
I'd just go *giggle*.
"Hey! are you laughing at us?"
"No, not at all, sir. Tell me, just who ELSE does God hate?"

All you have to do is think "I am obviously so much smarter and better than these people, because they're all just so stupid and unnaccepting."
Just think how much better you are.

Hai-kus are ea-sy
But some-times they don't make sense

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Right now I'm laughing my

Right now I'm laughing my ass off at her because she's getting all her whiny little friends (who she probably wants to have sex with) to tell me to get a life, as if that hurts. HA! Here is a girl who is older than me, and she's acting like a little 6-year-old.

Then some dumb fuck said he's glad they canceled the prom (for everyone, not just the girl!) because of "the gays".

All these uber-religious homophobes are so funny... They rant and rave and piss and moan about how their god hates gay people, but they do so many things that are against the Bible! They eat shellfish, wear polyester, shave, disrespect their parents, get angry, have sexual thoughts... They're all a bunch of stupid hypocrites.

The WBC makes me LOL. You know why? Because they hate Sweden! How could anybody hate Sweden!? They are protesting a high school in Baton Rouge, LA later this week, and I'm on Spring Break, so I may just attend the counter-protest. My mom will probably be in BR anyway.

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but Sweden is obviously in

but Sweden is obviously in commune with the devil. How could you not see that?

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It's humanity's curse...

...that some can feel so incompetent at becoming truly educated that they consciously restrict themselves to a single source of knowledge that is labeled as being both total and invincible. It's all much too easy! And you become unassailable (in your own eyes).

Logic fails! And a culture of professional homophobes emerges as one of their marks of distinction :(

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After a while the homophobes

After a while the homophobes become amusing rather than enraging and that's where the fun starts.

The student's suing the school, eh? I hope she wins.

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I think it's funny how

I think it's funny how they're all sitting around telling ME to get a life when they are the ones filled with irrational hatred. And then French Class Girl in general... pffft. No one should take her seriously.

Yeah, the ACLU is suing the school. If the school wins, then there is just no hope for humanity. Ever.

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Ah Super Duck.... I swear to

Ah Super Duck....

I swear to the Lord, I still can't see, why Democracy means, everybody but me.
- Langston Hughes