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Today... was generally uninteresting. xD

Although I was in a good mood all day, so... that's good, I guess. Haha

I saw this guy.. he's out of high school, but used to go to my art school. I don't know him, but he's always on that street or in the coffee shop I always go to, so I've come to recognize him. But usually I only see him for a second. For some reason, he reminds me of senior... he's short, thin, wears skinny jeans (sometimes). Today I was behind him in line for coffee while he was ordering some crazy like 14 espresso shot drink or something for his friend, and he even -acted- like senior for at least those few seconds. It was bizarre. It doesn't make me miss senior more or anything... it's just weird. Like.. when I got back up to te room we draw in I had to sit in this little nook for a minute and just be like "phewwwww, that was bizarre."

I don't even know if it's bizarre -because- of his similarity to senior or what. He just seems like an interesting guy... the type of guy I'd go for if I was older and had enough courage to talk to anybody new. *shrugs*. That and prolonged exposure when I'm used to a glance at most.. I think he's starting to recognize me too though, cuz sometimes he gives me like a half smile. Unless I'm imagining that... it's funny. I half want us to be like friends that have never said a word to each other by the end of the year, just cuz it'd be amusing. xDDD

Anywho... I also go t a haircut. I needed one.... really really badly. It looks good.

Ohh, about the endo thing, if I can convince my dad it mightmightmightmight be really quickly... this is osme place that's considering doing pediatric endocrinology.. gods I hope it works out. >>

Annnd, huge qit conference tomorrow. So. Flipping. Excited. You have no idea. Can't wait... it's sad, but I already know what I'm wearing both days. xD


So excited. :D