Starting a Queer Group!

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Yeah. So I'm cofounding (cofinding?) this queer group with another lesbian. It's going to be so chill! So far (including us) there is six total, which seems nice, though it's on Saturday, and there may be some more people coming who haven't replied yet. I'm excited! Mostly we're going to eat pizza and talk, which might not sound super-exciting, but mostly it's just so that all us LGBTers can be together. I love my GSA, BUT WHERE ARE THE GAYS?!?!? Fine, there's me (the president) and two bisexuals, one of whom almost never comes anymore, so again, to reiterate, WHERE ARE THE GAYS?!?!? I need more gayness in my life. ANd, yes, I am currently very tired. But it's going to be fun!


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if i were there, id so come to the gatherings. two gsa's have been made here. both crashed and burned miserably. the first was started by some lesbians. they broke up, so that ended. then i started one, but some how, no one got along. so that ended as well. buy yea, i hope urs goes well.
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Once you get beyond six, the bed gets crowded.

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Thanks guys. :) And wow

Thanks guys. :) And wow Jeff. But yeah, that is my kind of thinking. Six seems nice, and everyone knows each other, or at the very least there's only six degrees of separation.