The bad, the good, and the French Class Girl.

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Of course, the one week we DON'T do a weekly news report thing for history class, something interesting happens. Oh, the shit I would stir by bringing in that article... Some of the comments are absolutely despicable. Fuck this area; I hate it here. Oh, yes, most of us do indeed still party like it's 1952, and those of us who wish to join the 21st century are ostracized.

Here are a few unrelated things before I get the big news out... My mom goes to college; I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that. Today she was telling me about this girl in one of her classes who apparently reminds her of me in a lot of ways. According to her, we have similar personalities. The girl even went to my school and got tons of shit from her classmates because she wasn't part of the "bitch clique", as I call it. Anyway, so she's telling me about this girl...

Me: What's her name?

She says the girl's name.

Me: WHAT! Is... is she related to [That Guy]?
Mom: Oh, yeah, that's her brother!
Me: WTFFFFFFFDSjhfakdhfj
Mom: Is that... bad?
Me: Oh, no, it's totally fine.. HE'S ONLY DATING THE GIRL I LIKE. >:C
Mom: Oh, that's.... lovely.


Also, it's funny I should say that [That Guy] probably kicks kittens or pushes old ladies in his spare time; my friend just posted a picture of him cuddling a sweet little cat. ARGH! Does he ever do ANYTHING bad? Ever?

French Class Girl had the most epic freakout today. A guy who antagonizes everyone asked her if she would go to the prom with another guy that annoys the crap out of everyone. Her response?


... Oh, French Class Girl, you just make this too easy. (At least she's starting to accept herself now? x3)

She was also unable to make up her mind as to whether or not she hated me. It was so funny. At first, she hated me because my shoes were purple, even though Irritating Girl copied my shoes, but apparently it's okay for her. Then, she said she didn't actually hate me.

Anyway, I mentioned I have some news. Good news. If you're familiar with the city of Memphis, TN, I live kind of close to it. I had a big long discussion with my mom, and she thinks I ought to go and meet some other gay people offline. She even said that I am old enough to have a girlfriend if I manage to find one... Anyway, we did a little research, and apparently there is a place in Memphis that holds meetings for gay teenagers every other Saturday. She wants me to go there. I can't go to the one this weekend, but there's another one at the end of March.

I would like to go there, but... I'm really bad at socializing. Like, REALLY bad. I don't have anyone who would be willing to go with me. I would really like to go, though. What's a Super Duck to do?

On the 18th or 19th, I will go to the doctor in Memphis. If my mom takes me, we can stop by the place and gather information. Still... should I go there? :s Alone?


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Dooo eeettt! :D "Assets,

Dooo eeettt! :D

"Assets, assets..."

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I would really like to, but

I would really like to, but I'm a little nervous D:

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those ppl

"i appluad this school for taking a stand:D"

yea, i applaud you for all those bigot medals you have on your wall...

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That's the general consensus

That's the general consensus of the whole state. It's awful here. There are even people who would still have segregation if they had their ways! I can't wait to get out.

I wish I could tell them, "Well, I DON'T applaud that school because they're a bunch of DUMBASSES!"

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Ohmahgod your mom is so

Ohmahgod your mom is so amazing <3 You should go! Goooo! :D
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I know I should, but... I'm

I know I should, but... I'm nervous. :C

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I vote... go. Socializing may not be your forte but there's something simply lovely about being around other LGBT identified persons.

And the news article made me quite unhappy.

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I know I really should go,

I know I really should go, but I'm really, really awkward at socializing D:

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It can't be as bad as my

It can't be as bad as my first experience with Out Right (the LGBTQ center of Burlington, VT). See, I was a measly little freshman, and there were two sophomore college kids, and these old icky lesbian facilitators. And we talked about periods.

Needless to say, I contributed very little.

Anyway, I say you should go.

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Haha, great, now I'm scared.

Haha, great, now I'm scared. XD

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Seriously. I'm socially awkward too, but I've had some pretty good times at my college's GSA. And I always show up by myself. Which sometimes sucks, admittedly, but sometimes it works out OK.

And hey, it'll be a nice change for you from French Class Girl & Co., right? ;-)

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you've been

out voted by...a landslide...haha
*srsfce* go.

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