The Thin Line Between Boys and Girls

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Girls; made of spice
and everything nice.
Boys; everything else.
Both so different, distinct in various ways.
Still you have to stop and realize,
Look at everything as it doesn't seem.

Look beyond prominent curves
And parts amidst the legs.
What do you see?
Eyes; portals to the soul
Lips; those that confess love
Heart; the ever beating musical chamber that keeps us alive
Soul; the essence that is so hard to contain.

Really, what is the differnce between boys and girls?
Fashion sense? Cooking Ability? Strength?
No way, none of that exists when a baby is in the womb.
Nothing matters to a genderless zygote.

SO explain to me
The thin line
That i'm forbidden to not cross. I need to know
Give me an explaination that will make tears erupt from my face
And send me into hysterics.
One that does not include religion.
On that day, I will listen

But until then
And only then,
I will continue to love those
on my side
of that very thin line...


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It's slightly confusing, but

It's slightly confusing, but absolutely wonderful...
Always hold your head up high
If you don't, you'll never see the face of your killer.

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(: awesome. i love it.

(: awesome.
i love it.