Thoughts- Stream-Of-Counsciousness. A peek into my head.

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If everyone had a pirahna for a pet, would you want one too?

Not really.

These false analogies are strange.

I can't quite hit something lately- somebody loves me. I love them. But I'm still awfully lonely.

Another boy has sex with me. I enjoy it. But I'm still awfully lonely.

What can I do? What do I really want? I need someting, but today I'm coming down from that mania that made me so sure before. Normality isn't fun, especially when I think it's dropping to depression. I hope these meds really do work.

I'm tired, but ca't sleep. Not nice.

Peter, Paul, and Mary are good singers.

Isn't Mary dead?

I'm horny, want more sex. Where's *** when you need him?

Ow, I've got a hangnail.

Why are they called that?

What am I doing right now?

Why the hell am I writing this?

Eh, who cares.

nobody's gonna read it.

Well, not true. I'm sure someone will.

Was that a dog?

Weird noise.

I'm waiting for an E-Mail. Wait wait wait wait wait bleh.

I think I'm going to get some water.

Ew, hard water? That's not good.

That speakerphone is way too loud.

What would happen if everything I wrote came true? Wasn't there a book about that? Oh yeah, The Mayor's Tongue. Weird stuff.

Italian story. I liked the imagery. Grotesque.

They're singing a Bob sonng, haha

Grr, I'm really horny. No fair it's the middle of the day.

Why do they call them wingnuts? Oh, the shape.

I need to sell some of these books. I never read them.

Shang haid? Why do they call it that?

No One Mourns The Wickeeeeed! No one cries they won't return!

Well, off to chat with ***. No point typing my thoughts now.


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i read it! is *** good in bed?

"gentlemen of france, care to fire first?"-british artilery general, 1772
"we always have been, are, and i hope always will be, detested in france"-duke welington of britan

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I suspect...

...that just being there is more important than being "good". :(

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I read it too! I love peeks

I read it too! I love peeks into people's heads. That's one of my goals with people--to figure out how they think. I'm always the best friends with people who I've got mostly figured out (when I like the way they think, that is). But I'm always the most fascinated by the ones I can't figure out at all. Unless they act all bitchy.

Sorry for turning this into something about me. But I do that lots.

Anyhow, stream of consciousness is funfun.


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"no one lays a lily on their grave..."
I'll have this in my head for a very long time now.