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I went out to eat with my grandparents and my sister tonight. I just got back. There was this girl there who, from the back, looked just like my friend. 5'6", long, blonde hair, similar physique... Just like her, except for the face; she wasn't as pretty as my friend, but, then again, not many people are. Not in my eyes, anyway. But this girl looked a lot like her from the back, and she sat where I saw her from the back, so I couldn't stop looking at her. I don't know if I was expecting her to spontaneously morph into the girl I've missed so much or what.

In other news, I officially hate people who intentionally smack their food, slurp their drinks, or just eat messily in general. OH. MY. GOD. I hate it. I hate it soooo much. My sister does it all the time, on purpose, even, and when I ask her to stop, she gets all pissy and goes, "Uh, you don't TELL me what to DO!" What a disgusting BRAT!

Anyway, I'm officially on Spring Break now. No school until March 22! :D


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You'd despise me, then. I

You'd despise me, then. I eat (From the mouths of my friends) like a boy XD
I just eat... Messily and slurpingly and stuff. Completely no manners hahaha.

She sounds pretty indeed :3
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Eeek. D: Well, as long as

Eeek. D: Well, as long as you clean up after yourself it's marginally less horrible, but my sister leaves food all over her face and stuff... which is really gross.

Yeah, she really is... ^^

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...smack? smack food? At

...smack? smack food? At first I thought you meant as to slap the food, like hit it or something. Then I thought well, that certainly would cause a mess.

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Haha, yeah! But I mean like

Haha, yeah! But I mean like noisily chewing with one's mouth wide open.

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spring break starts in a week.

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... i don't have a spring

i don't have a spring break.
Snowmageddon killed it.
all i have is tomorrow off. ):