Today, was I really the monster?

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I have been happy for over a week.

It's a record.

Although, does last night count? I cut again. Sadly. But today, ohh today, was awesome. I... I talked to Jonah. He sat next to me in Digital Media and we laughed a bit, he said "You're just so funny..." sort of embarrassed, and then right as he had to leave I was like "WellJonahthankyouforhelpingmetoday" In the nervous way I do, and he stood up, and I turned back to the computer when I heard the faintest
I looked up and said "Yes?"
He looks at me, half-smiles, and says:
"...I'm sorry...."
*Jonah walks away*

Omg. That was the SWEETEST and most THOUGHTFUL thing he's done in FIVE MONTHS I swear.
I talked to him a bit today. It was really nice :)
I got along with all of my friends. It was... Awesome. Overall a really happy, peaceful day. Apparently, though, I need to stop shouting "SIXTY SEVEEEN!" and "ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUUUR" because double S knows what I'm talking about.

Although, I didn't even make the joke up... She's mad or something. Oh well. I would love to say I care, but I don't. She's the closest thing to being someone I hate- I don't hate people... I just strongly dislike her, the new her, the one that's so... Uncaring. Unfeeling. She laughs, but behind that guise I see someone... Selfish. Self-centered.

I could be wrong, but... I rarely over-analyze double S. She's very easy to see through.

Sad face. I hope this doesn't make Jonah hate me again...

I sorta like this guy, the one who's girlfriend cheated on him, and he broke up with her today... Poor T. He didn't seem upset... He gave me a face-hug (You know, where someone wants a hug but you're sitting down so you sorta nudge into their belly and they hug your face?) and it was really nice. While he was walking away, he stroked the back of my hair O///o
I was blushing all lunch I bet XD

Haha. Either way, he's really nice. Chad, you'll understand what I mean, right? He's such a Mr. Metro :)

And I got a haircut today! It's really awesome looking! It's a bob with side-bangs. Very, very pretty. Wow, I'm complimenting myself... Weird...

Anyways, I'm excited to show everyone at school tomorrow. It'll be awesome! :D

Hey Mr. Curiosity, is true what they say about you? Are you killing me? You took care of the cat already, and for those who think it's heavy, is it true? Or is it gossip?

Haha. Jason Mraz is awesome.

If you wanna hear... It's beautiful.

I keep writing these long, ranty-ish type journals. I hope you're not sick of me yet ;)

Well, I just want to say that...
Maybe I ain't perfect (Hell, not even close), but I'm ok. I'm an ok person.

Bye, beautiful peoples <3


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…is really pretty darn wonderful. :-)

Glad you've had a (mostly) good week.

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~