Today was NOTHING like yesterday. :(

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So, now I am back to the harsh realities of school dumbfuckery, being lonely, and geometry homework. Sigh... Yesterday feels so unreal; today was pure shit. Everyone pissed me off.

My art teacher said, "That's gay!" which isn't really something a teacher should be saying to her class, hmm? But she did, and I just feel that it was highly unprofessional. Stupid woman.

Also, French class today was full of fail. Remember that girl who said there could only be lesbians if she thought they were hot? Yeah, she was being dumb today. Not much of a surprise, really. The teacher was talking about how her granddaughter (age 3) loved to go around and say things like, "Daddy's a boy, mommy's a girl, I'm a girl, my dog is a boy..." etc.

The dumbfuck girl said, "But what if she meets a gay person?" and then goes on to list 234142198 stereotypical traits about gay men.

What I wanted to say was, "Gay men aren't girls. Fuck you!" but French Class Girl was there, and we all know how she gets when someone defends gay people!

Still, she became all annoying and said, "Kids these days are taught from day one that it's okay to be gay! WELL, IT'S NOT!"

Somebody should've started telling you that about seventeen years ago, French Class Girl.

I rolled my eyes at her.

"And no one can say it's not a choice because gays can't have kids!" exclaimed Miss Closet Case.

Oh, French Class Girl... We can, and we do. Someone has obviously never heard of sperm banks. Sadly, that may go over her tiny little head, so I took an alternate approach. One that might hit home just a little bit closer... :D

"Um, well, there's this thing called the closet, and occasionally someone so deep in it will force themselves into a heterosexual rela--" I began, but got cut off by her.

"Well, if I got married, and my husband was a closet gay, I'd kill him! KILL HIM!"

I think it's going to be the other way around, sweetie. I hope that poor, unsuspecting man doesn't take the violent approach when you tell him you're leaving him for your high-school-love Irritating Girl!

I laughed at her and told her she was ridiculously violent. In her foot-stomping rage, she screamed out, "I BET YOU LIKE OBAMA'S HEALTH CARE PLAN!"

...What? Haha! Wow, that's just like, straight-up random. Even Irritating Girl was all, "Um, what the hell?"

Ahhh, I am so tired of all these people. I want to go back to yesterday and stand in the school gym with my arms around the most amazing girl ever, just listening to her voice... I was almost expecting her to show up at school again today, like it was eighth grade or something. Hmm, I wonder when the next time I'll see her will be. I really hope it's not long. :( Between Homecoming and yesterday was like, five or sixth months, and that's way too long.

Anyway, I am now hungry.


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Good for you in class today one of my friends go ahold of my cellphone which i had my background as "Yes, I am and then a picture of a rain bow and then they started threathening me that if i got anywhere near them they would be me up!!" so i know what its like to have idiots in class..

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Your icon is so cute!

Your icon is so cute! POKEMON!

Anyway, yeah, I go to school with a ton of idiots. They would do something like that too. :( It's sad.

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Can you take comfort in the

Can you take comfort in the joy you bring your avid journal readers?

I'm still sorry your school is populated with small-brained people. *hug* But you do manage to turn out entertaining descriptions of it without fail!

Seriously... this is a bit of a tangent, but I really like your writer's voice. You've got something. Do not let high school or stupid people or anything else squash it out of you. Keep writing.


~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Well, thanks! :D I'm glad

Well, thanks! :D I'm glad you like my writing voice. And yes, entertaining people is indeed fun!

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this sort of makes me kinda wanna go to your makes my school seem, well, boring. everyone there is accepting (but a little afraid of queer peoples...), which is awesome, but i'd like to switch places with you for a day and see how it goes

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Haha, trust me, you wouldn't

Haha, trust me, you wouldn't want to go there. It's crazy there!

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well... attracted to crazyness. haha, besides, itd be only for a day

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I hate when teachers do

I hate when teachers do that.. My German teacher taught us how to say "gay" in german and some guy was like "GOD HATES HOMOSEXUALS" and she was just like "yeah. doesnt everybody" under her breath and I was like WTF?!