Well FML...

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i got into trouble the other day cause i forgot/didnt know i was supposed to do the dishes every night. So on saturday morning gabriel came into my room and told me i couldnt use the phone until the kitchen was clean ( i was on the phone at the time) and i was like "shit..." and then five mintues later he comes back in and tells me i cant use the phone at all that day. so im like "goddamn it". so im all mopey cause i couldnt call her back and tell her, and i fall asleep for half an hour (cause as you might know, i do that when im sad). and then i get up cause i have to do the dishes and stuff, and i walk into the kitchen and mom's doing them and shes pissed off. i mean like PISSED off. and she tells me that i'd "rather be on the phone all day instead of actually doing something". then she said i couldnt use the phone for a week. a WEEK. my life revolves around christina, i know i shouldnt get so attached to someone because if something were to ever happen, i dont know what id do...but its hard not to with her. so nothing bad better happen to her/ between us. :P. i feel like shit. i like need her. just to feel happy and not depressed. but anyways, ive been crying at night since saturday. so thats been pretty horrible. but yesterday/today mom told me that Gabriel is mad at me cause i havent brought up the subject. well of course i havent, i was waiting for mom to tell me when i could use the phone. i was mad at the wrong goddamn person D:. so tomorrow im gonna ask him when i can use the phone.


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Sounds like they have a rather strange form of punishment. Like, isn't the point of punishment to use it in advance to get the desired result. "If you don't wash these dishes right now, no phone for a week," etc.? Otherwise, seems disconnected.

Of course, hard to take any of this seriously with that cat thing.

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jeff, parents can both be assholes sometimes. only sometimes though. and yeah i know, i thought the kitty was cute though....

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thats not rite...

parents suck. does christina live nearby? if so, go see her. do u guys go to school together? if so explain to her why u cant use the phone. as long as she knows y u cant call, everything will be fine among u 2. and btw, i wish u 2 all the luck in the world.
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hahaha. i wish she lived

hahaha. i wish she lived nearby. i kinda explained to her, i snuck the phone (like i usually do when they get mad at me) just to tell her. i thought i was gonna be able to ask my stepdad about the phone and stuff but he left and im already at school. :P

"chhhhhikinnnn stewwww. i have no idea what is wrong with me O_O im sorry if i offend....not really."