Well that's just... awesome. Yaknow.. I'm so flipping excited... can't you tell?

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Yaknoww, it's not like it was enough to deal with that I had two ear infections. It's not like it was enough to deal with that one of them has been oozing since... ehh, about 1:30 on friday. Nahhh, not at alll.

Now fricking... it.. has started. Normally I wouldn't talk about it on here.. but I think I'm gonna fricking shoot somebody. I mean... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Flip. Flippingmcflippyflippinface. Shitttt.

Oh yeah, and now I have 20 questions to answer about this book... and I've already done 20 vocab words. I haven't gotten a decent sleep since wednesday night, it's really hot right now but taking off my sweatshirt would mean facing dysphoria, my elbow's sore, my hand's fallen asleep more in the past three days than it ever has before in my life...

Just make it flipping stop. Flehhhhhhhhh...

And the main person I would rant to about most of this doesn't have internet for a week or so. Screw that.

I'm gonna go now and get these stupid questions done... see ya.


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You know...

I have heard of cases of people around your age starting on -some- kind of hormone treatment.

I got the e-mail of an endocrinologist at that Philly thing I went to... I don't have it with me but if I find it I'll ask her about this because it's pretty crazy that you have to deal with all of this still. XP

Because a year is a long time to wait and it's not like you don't know what's up. The main reason that they make people wait until 16 is because they're afraid that the kid might "grow out of it" (because every so often a kid does but... I think we're both aware that you're not going to.)

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You're too awesome. It

You're too awesome. It shouldn't be allowed. xD

And yeah... that's really not about to happen. ><

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