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I just realized that I have three huge creative stories due sometime between April 21st and June 30th. Has anyone ever done Nanowrimo?????? It's this organization thing where you set a word goal for yourself and you try and reach it by the end of the month. If you reach it, CreateSpace will give you a free copy of your novel. My story isn't quite finished, and it has to be done by June 31st. My story is about this society where everyone is queer. I lost the story almost 15 pages ago, and now I'm stuck.
The second story is one I'm writing for the city newspaper writing contest. It's about a girl who dies and goes to heaven, then she starts to blame her friend for her death and tries to kill her from heaven.
The last one is a play that I'm not allowed t start until April 1st. It's another Nanowrimo event, but for plays, movies, tv shows or comic book scripts. That one is about a girl who is crazy. She thinks that she can find out what happens to us when we die by killing people. Then she falls in love with one of her victims. I haven't figured the rest yet. Why do I do this?????????????


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One of the universities

One of the universities where I live made a movie about a society where it was weird to be straight. And I read a trashy romance book similar to your second idea. one of my favorites. :] Good luck.

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Thanks! Oh! i was going to

Oh! i was going to write this too, but I forgot, if anyone wanted a signature like mine, but with whatever you wanted on it, pm me!!!!

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While I support deadlines, getting a copy of your book through some vanity press like lulu.com or somesuch is under $15. So, that's not a particularly huge carrot.

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I remember I saw a short

I remember I saw a short film, simimlar to this concecpt. I think it was called Love is Love and it was on Logo's Click list. I quite enjoyed it it was a refreshing perspective.

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If anyone's seen the musical Xanadu, it's about a world in which everyone's gay, and straight people are discriminated against. It's got some pretty cool songs in it actually.
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Thanks you guys! I just

Thanks you guys! I just realized that the amount of work I'm doing is going to be nothing compared to what I'll get in High School. I figure, I'll just deal with it. I sort of brought it on myself.