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So my mother has ordered me to go out to dinner and a movie with her and her new best friend evar lolz!!!1 The aforementioned friend is like, 20. (Isn't it a little weird how my mom suddenly loves hanging out with people half her age...?) At first I thought this was only a little weird, but oh, it gets worse.

Her new best friend is THAT GUY'S SISTER. You know, THAT GUY! My friend's stupid boyfriend! AARRRGH!

My mother knows the whole situation. How on earth does she think this won't be awkward for me? She even said, "Oh, and her brother is THAT GUY, just so you know."

No shit, mommy. Noooo shit. That's why I had my initial "DHFKSDHFKJSDHF" reaction when you told me who your new friend was.

But then, I started plotting. Who knows more about all his bad habits and crap than his older sister? >:3 Mwahahahaha!

Still, holy shit, if she mentions him... tonight is going to be WEIRD!