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Kay, so remember cute kid? He goes to my regular school.

there's also this girl that I joke is how I know for sure that I'm gay now. Why? Because if I liked girls, I would liek her in a -second-. She's awesome. She's also from art school. As in... no connection to regular school.

They're going on a date to see Alice in Wonderland. I find that incredibly ironic. I mean... there are like five people in the world that I've ever been interested in.. and two of them (well, one is only really half, but meh) somehow managed to meet each other without going to the same school and are now going on a date... I mean wth? That'd be like if Senior met Xander and they started going out... well, maybe not quite. But darned close, okayy!

Umm... what else... I've written teh equivalent of 6 essays this week so far. In four days. Just wow..

I'm tired as hell and have no idea why. Believe it or not, before tonight I hadn't watched doogie howser since sunday..

Ooh, huuuuge lgbtqqg-qiapwhatever conference next friday. So excited! ^^

Minus the part that I'm on a panel... that's scary. >>

And uh.. I've decided to shorten all of that acronymage to just qit.. er, maybe qqit. Cuz then it's queer (anybody that's not straight), questioning, intersex, and trans (anybody that's genderqueer is included in the term transgender, just sos ya know). So much easier.. oO

And Riku doesn't have internet until the 15th. Just so y'all know.

Yeah... that's pretty much it, I guess. Tataa..


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what happened to the internet ...

that riju knows the eXACT day it will be back on?

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Parole Date...


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Lol, nah, somebody cancelled

Lol, nah, somebody cancelled the contract... it sucks. ><

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