Yesterday: Awesome, or terrible?

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Ehh. Both. I had a great day at school, I mean, and after school was EPIC! T was breakdancing for me :3 Oh, and I got some good pictures of Chaddikins fo' yo' all XD

But... After school I got into an arguement with my mother. She's so scary. We went out to dinner, and I spent the whole time focusing my gaze on the pepper shaker and scratched coffee pot, avoiding looking to my right at all. It's not the fact that I didn't get my way that upset me, it was how she TALKS to me.

"I just don't understand you, why do you have to be so DIFFERENT? I just have NO clue where the hell you get it from, really."

"Shut up. Just shut up right now. I don't wanna hear anymore of what you have to say."
(To my dad)
"You see? This is what happens! Children, ugh! They put me through living hell, that's all they do! Do I get any appreciation? Nooo, I don't, even though I do everything for them!"

"I just don't get what HER problem is. I HAVEN'T done anything wrong AT ALL. She needs to just get OVER herself."

Uh hello? I'm your DAUGHTER. Stop making me feel like you regret that... Sigh... She just does...

Stuff like that. IN PUBLIC. I don't talk to HER like that... I have no problem with her telling me "No, honey, you can't stay in the car. Just come in and eat, and then we'll go home. It won't be so bad."
Instead it's gotta be a battle! I'm just asking a question, not making a request! Ughhh! Mother's incredibly rude to me. I'm terrified of her...
Then me and dad had a heart-to-heart when we got home, I cried alot... I didn't even get my homework done... I'm screwed...

For now, I should go do my hair and try to finish my homework...

I love you all... *huggle*