You know, I just realized something.

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I would probably drink more water and be less dehydrated all of the time if I didn't hate public bathrooms so much.

Yep. I signed on at 6:20 in the morning to tell you guys that.

It's true though. I hardly ever use the bathroom while I'm at school. If I actually drank the amount of water I'm supposed to drink, I'd have to go at least once during the school day, every day. And of all public bathrooms I hate the school bathrooms the most. Not so much because someone could see me who knew me before, because that's not a huge issue. But 98% of the boys bathrooms at my school, don't have locks. Why? Because some jerk-faces decided to break them off. The only way to tell if a stall is in use is to check for feet or swing the door open, both of which -don't really help my case-. Which is why I hate the school bathrooms.

Which is why I'm dehydrated more often than I should be.

(Which is also why I suck at aerobic activity)


Haha. Now if I just sent this to my PE instructor I'd be all set right? :P


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i HATE public bathrooms!! theyre just so gross! i try not to use them ever. um... try bringing water bottles. thatll help alot.
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Public bathrooms are

Public bathrooms are gross... but I have gym, so drinking buckets of water is somewhat unavoidable, ergo, I'll need to use a washroom or pass out.

I dunno. Plant a small shrub behind your school and go there.