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So, the first thing French Class Girl said to me today was, "I LOVE YOUR MOM!"

Me: ...What?!
Me: Um...
Her: She wrote on my facebook post and argued with this one guy!
Me: Well, I guess I'm glad to know you think my mom is awesome.
Me: Thanks?

What...? Okay, then!

Anyway, who remembers this test thingy I took? The results finally came in, and I placed second in the state. This is proof that I test better while I'm happy, which means my friend should be ordered to come back!

In other news, I am freaking out about having to dissect a froggy in class. :( I have pretty much the weakest stomach ever. (Oh, and the class is right after lunch too! Yummy!) We're going to do it the week after next. I absolutely cannot handle the thought.

I know, I know, it's just a frog, but I'm not good with dead things... or the smells. Some tenth graders are dissecting something else right now, and it stinks up the whole school. I almost vomited when I came to class today.

It wasn't even my choice to take this class. Biology is required. The teacher hasn't even mentioned an alternative to dissecting the frog. I don't see why it is mandatory for everyone to dissect something; not all of us are going into a science field. I know I'm not. But this counts for a huge part of our grade, and I'm so upset because I just can't slice something open. I just CAN'T. I don't even care that it's already dead. It's still so... ugh.

My teacher is going to be out tomorrow, but I might try and talk to her next week. I highly doubt she's going to offer an alternative, though. She has been a teacher for three years, so surely she has had someone as opposed to dissecting something as I am. I'm not sure what I'll say to her. I hope she won't laugh at me or anything...


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I'm having the same issue

I'm having the same issue with the frog thing... I'm a vegetarian. I hardly wanan be slicing open frogs that were killed just so that I coudl slice them open... it makes me sad just to thinka bout. D:

Grmph. ><

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I'm not a vegetarian, but it

I'm not a vegetarian, but it still makes me sad that frogs were killed just so people, some of whom won't even use the information, can poke at their insides and then throw them away. :( It just feels like a waste.

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We dissected cow hearts,

We dissected cow hearts, that had come to our school without being preserved. So there weren't any icky smells of formaldehyde, but alas, they were still filled with blood. And the one my partner and I got had a HUGE clot in it. It was kind of cool? And gross?

Anyway, my partner ended up passing out, because she can't stand the smell of blood.

But! Last summer, I toured Brown's medical school, right? Yea, we went to the anatomy lab and poked cadavers. And looked at people's brain. Actually, I held one.

Talk about weird.

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Ewwww, you held a brain? :(

Ewwww, you held a brain? :(

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We had to dissect fetal pigs

We had to dissect fetal pigs which came in buckets of... probably not formaldehyde. But the entire class smelled like preservation fluid for the next three days.

But, seriously! FETAL pigs! I'd rather have dissected frogs.

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I think that's what the

I think that's what the tenth graders are dissecting, actually. It smells DISGUSTING. :(

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Oh, we get to do the pigs,

Oh, we get to do the pigs, and fish. I'm excited for it P: Does that make me morbid?
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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I, personally, am really

I, personally, am really excited to dissect things. But I really like anatomy and body parts and allthatjunk :D Soooo
That's my two cents XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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I dunno, stuff like that

I dunno, stuff like that just kinda freaks me out a little. D:

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I understand. Haha. It'll probably freak me out when I get to that point too. But until then... I'm super excited XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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i told my teacher i was

i told my teacher i was allergic.
and i was forced to watch.

i remember dissecting crickets in 7th grade.
i screamed.
and i was this huge tomboy, probably the only one in my class. ... heh.

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Crickets?! Eww! Crickets

Crickets?! Eww! Crickets gross me out so much. My grandparents' house was infested with them this one time, and they'd jump on me, and it would be so gross. :(

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I don't like dissecting

I don't like dissecting things because I don't like hurting things and I feel like the dead thing is still hurting even though it's dead and stuff.

I guess that's wierd.

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I don't think that's weird.

I don't think that's weird. My main problem is with actually cutting it too. I don't know why... but it just seems mean.

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We had to dissect fetal pigs

We had to dissect fetal pigs in my AP Biology class... my teacher (wisely) had a "conscientious objector" option, though. I believe I had to take the lab book, look at some diagrams (and briefly at a photo), and fill out all the questions on the worksheet he'd given all the groups that were dissecting stuff. Which was, in fact, perfectly possible to do without getting near an actual physical dissected pig. I did have to do the whole worksheet by myself (everyone else was in groups of three or four; one other person who didn't want to dissect just made herself notetaker for her group), but it was a small price to pay.

I hope your teacher has something like that. Best of luck.

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Something like that wouldn't

Something like that wouldn't be so bad. I hope there's something like that as an option. I don't think I'd mind being the notetaker either, as long as I didn't ever have to cut anything.

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It doesn't bother me to

It doesn't bother me to dissect things, (When I took zoology we did dissections in groups and I was almost always the one with the knife. The clams and worms did bother me though because those weren't already dead. :( ) but I understand the sentiment. Have you asked your teacher about alternatives? I'm sure you're not the only person in that class who feels that way about dissections.