At least it's interesting...

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I took an online OCD test today.
0-7=probably not OCD
8-11=maybe OCD
12+=probably OCD
My score: 21.

If I do have OCD, I doubt it's bad. But, I have been wondering about it for a while, usually just casually thinking about it.
Well, anyway, it's definitely not a definitive diagnosis.

Well, if I do, then at least I'll be a little more interesting.

I'm generally not a cleanliness person. I'm actually one of the most sloppy people you'll meet. I have HORRID handwriting, and generally, bad organization is a FAR worse problem than compulsive organization.
My room is not neat either. I get messes.

However, I do do some things obsessively.
I obsessively check swim times.
Again and again. I've probably looked at PNS champs, Sectionals, Zones, and Junior Nationals for a couple of hours all together.
The times won't change, of course, and I basically know what all of them are, but I just like to look at them.

When I brush my teeth, I pace the bathroom, making sure I only step on the white tiles.

I, of course, swim obsessively. I think that every practice I miss is the one that will make me miss Sectionals, or Zones, or even Champs.
That's why I swim a few hours a day.

I, also, maybe don't eat as much as I should with how much I swim. I know I should, and that it's actually better for me to eat more food, as long as it's healthy, but still....

Well, I would hate to think of my passion for swimming as just a symptom of some mental disorder.
Jeez that would suck.


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Ever the scholar...

...OCD at your age can be overcome without having to compromise any of your goals. Your willingness to research the topic (at 14!) suggests that you'll likely be incapable of escaping the life of an inveterate scholar.

On the issue of food: concentrate on avoiding (except when celebrating) all highly processed food (many empty calories and little real nutrition)! Eat a large variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you feel you should eat more... try adding one square of chocolate (~90% dark; not "milk" chocolate) after each meal (it's a bit bitter at first...but you'll "learn" to savor it). Add 30 grams of both dry roasted almonds and baking walnuts to your diet (you could mix the almonds with your breakfast cereal; walnuts as an after-school snack).

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I absolutely ADORE dark

I absolutely ADORE dark chocolate. I was snacking on my 80% in all my classes yesterday! You're right, it does take a little time to savor.

Oh, and Chad? As I said, I doubt you're OCD.
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Just one thing...

...that I've learned from my college level psychology class that I think is applicable here is this; NEVER self diagnose, especially when it comes to mental illness.

Our teacher warned us before the mental illness chapter that we would all think we had at least one disease, and almost all of us did. It's only natural when you read about symptoms to relate them to yourself.

If it makes you feel any better, the fact that you actually like swimming means that you probably don't have OCD. OCD is characterized by an obsession to something you don't like; it is being unable to stop thinking about something you hate.

I guess I can't really say this for sure, but it seems like you kinda like swimming. Which is undoubtedly a good thing. Obsessing over the things that people like is how they wind up at the olympics.