Bitch got caught in a lie

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yup. so i was hanging out with becky today and were just talking and what not ( like always, although i dont usually remember about what lol).
Becky: Hey have you been talking to *you know who*?
me: no! why the hell would i do that? -_-
Becky: Oh...well she was telling everyone that YOU said that you were coming back to hemet high, and that youve been going to helen hunt. and that youve only been here for a week.
Me: XD. youve got to be shitting me! really? XD
Becky: i know right? I was like 'ummm, thats not true at all. ive been hanging out with Brittany like everyday for a long time already, in fact we're gonna hang out today.'
Me: XD. nice one :D
Becky: i know right? she was all like 'oh.....really?'. and it was in front of everyone XD
Me: see how much of a liar she is? dumbass. thats totally epic. you like pwned her :D.

yup. :D. that like made my evening. :3.

karma is awesome....sometimes.