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Day of Silence was fine. There didn't seem to be a single person around me participating today, though. No one knew what it was.

But you know, it's kinda wierd, to be a girl being silent for this, and clinging to a guy half the day. Well, it wasn't really 'clinging'...

I always pick one person to hang onto all the time. Sometimes, a girl, others, a guy.

Well here, it's a guy. He's my, 'I'm sad, so Imma hug you' person. I wouldn't talk. So he thought I was sad. So he was all hug-y and cuddly and 'here, I'll walk you to class'. It was kinda sweet and kinda funny. He decided to 'talk' for me. Let's just say... He should never be anyone's voice but his own, lol. > >

My friend Linda is better at that, lol. She was 'talking for me' when I lost my voice a while back.

She even knew the random moment in the middle of class when I wanted to say 'Ich bin Schnappi das kleine Krokodil'. And I just stared at her like she was fuckin' crazy when she said it because it was so funny that she knew I wanted to say that. XD


I told mom about my paranoia issues.

I think she thinks I'm crazy. Or she thinks it's stupid. Or both. Probably both. I think it's stupid, too, that's why it bothers me so bad, because I just can't stop myself from thinking these terrible things that are ridiculous and would never happen.

I think that if we had any money, she would send me to a shrink.

Which bothers me.

Oh, speaking of money. The dude who hit me in September? His insurance company called, they're sending us a check for 1000 dollars. I don't know why.

But I'm fucking terrified. Mom wants to buy me a car with the money. I'm so fucking scared. She's gonna make me finish the courses for Driver's Ed and get my licence.

God, I'm gonna die.


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WOW I am probably the biggest failure in the gay community. I did not even know what it was until one of my STRAIGHT friends asked me why I wasn't doing it... well I hope it went well for you
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