Day of Silence

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Friday was Day of Silence as most of you all know. Well, anyways I took part in that. I knew what I was getting myself into since I go to a very small school and most people don't support LGBT people. It wasn't even an hour into school that I had a teacher laugh in my face after I wrote to her why I wasn't talking. She is very religious and helps run one of the local youth groups. I know she has the right to her opinion and I have mine, she could at least have the respect to not laugh in my face. Then later that night she asked one of my friends if I was still doing it, and my friend said yes. She then proceeded to turn around and shake her head. She can believe what she wants, it's her right. I respect everyone's opinions and beliefs, no matter what they are, it's everyone's rights to. I was the only one in my school to take part in Day of Silence. I am happy I did. I think I'm going to go up to the school tomorrow and talk to the superintendent about what she did. It wasn't right. I may be younger than you but you still need to respect me and my opinions. Any thoughts on what I should do? Also, to everyone out there; that has been bullied, harrassed or anything else for being who you are and staying strong. I give you major kudos. It isn't easy to stay strong when you are constantly mocked for who you are. Kudos.


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My mom pretty much did the

My mom pretty much did the same thing, she didn't understand it.
If you want to address what the teacher did, speak with the teacher directly. There isn't any need going all the way to the superintendent because that just makes things messy.
just say something like, "mrs , I feel because of what you did."
tell her exactly what you said:
"It wasn't right. I may be younger than you but you still need to respect me and my opinions"

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agree with Lehcure. sometimes when you confront people directly and honestly and tell them how their words affected you, they might feel bad in hindsight. And you're right, she shouldn't have done that to you. She's a teacher and she's supposed to respect all of her students regardless of her or their beliefs.

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I did the Day of Silence two

I did the Day of Silence two years ago, and my teachers were professional about it even though I live in an extremely homophobic area. I'm shocked that your teacher would act in such a way... I think you should talk directly to her about it, as Lehcure suggested. Teachers are supposed to keep their personal opinions out of the classroom.