Do you ever feel more gay/les/bi some days than others?

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Yeah. For instance, today I just feel very lesbian. Like uber-lesbian. Or more specifically, the equivalent of what I have heard termed "word vomit" (where you can help yourself and you let something slip out), and I just really want to express just how gay I am. Do you ever feel like some days you're queerer than other days? What do you usually do? Eat rainbow sherbert?

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Ohoho yes. Some days I go

Ohoho yes. Some days I go from "OH JESUS LOOK AT THOSE MEN THEY'RE SO HOT" and others I'm like
"Maybe I'm a lesbian P: I can't stop staring at all the wimmenz! Meh to the menz!"
It's completely random XD I usually just keep making comments about how hot Uma Thurman is in Gattaca or something like that haha...
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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i have epicly gay flamer days :D somedays i just kinda dont do anything special

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pretty consistently gay.

Although, I may be a bit above average in mid-August, now that I bought a ticket to see The Wonder Girls in SF. I mean, there's no other rationale for seeing a Korean girl pop group than supreme gayness.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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(: every time i get

every time i get icecream, it's always vanilla w/ rainbow jimmies/sprinkles.
it's been that way since i was really little. and i would ALWAYS get it. it's not like i'd decide to go for chocolate icecream instead. i always had to have the rainbow sprinkles....
and it's pretty gay, now that i think about it. hahah.

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i have those days :D. i think its kinda awesome :). i tend to walk more like a dude :>

"i remember when you and me, how we used to be such good friends. wouldnt give me none, when all i wanted was some..."-jack johnson

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I have those days.
Some days I feel ALMOST bi. Almost. But not quite.
And some days I feel so gay I wonder what rainbow I fell out of when I was born.

Hai-kus are ea-sy
But some-times they don't make sense

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totally can relate...

sometimes i go on these "periods", as i call them, and i feel so attracted to girls. then it passes and it hits me: I'M GAY. so recently i had to stay away from this girl named emily, and stay faithful to ramon...but today, i feel so gay.... thats why im wearing my scarf. XD
a psychotic pencilist, moe

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i'm pretty gay most days...

i'm pretty gay most days... by that i mean i'm bi but i REALLY lean.... and then some days i could crush on gals and guys.... it's mostly around the moon's full cycle that i am gayest....
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Uhm... I work in the exact

Uhm... I work in the exact opposite. I have days where I feel less gay, and somehow, more attracted to the female body.

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I much prefere feeling other

I much prefere feeling other lesbians =]

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I rarely ever feel any difference in my magnetism to people from one day to the other. So i'm pretty gay all the way. But to put things frankly, most people don't believe i'm gay. So i guess listening to them i've sort of...i don't know...questioned it? I mean comeon!

"I'm like, a football HERO in my town! How can i POSSIBLY be gay, rite!?" That's my thought process half the time on those days. Oh well, at the end of the day, when i go to bed and think about my day, the thought will always be there. Either lingering in the back of my mind, or as obvious as the Molly Hatchet poster in my room, it'll eventually be staring me in the face, and smack me in the head just hard enough for me to exclaim out to the heavens. "DUH!"

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the day, saying, “I will try again tomorrow”.

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then at some point you gotta prove your gaysness to everyone so they belive it :D like major make out session with a guy at school assembly :D

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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sometimes i mock myself for

sometimes i mock myself for thinking i'm anything but straight, sometimes i mock myself for thinking i'm anything but a total yeah, i have my days. =)
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im mostly attracted to girls, but on a rare occassion, i will see a guy and go "mm, he's cute..." but i havent done that the moment i am more attracted to girls than guys (well, most of the time, anyways, but still)

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im soo gay, i forget i am. somedays, im shocked cuz this hot girl comes in and all thoughts are gone...and like woah.

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