Dropping stones into water, hoping one might float back up

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It's been a short time knowing you, in reality. But it feels so long. The cruelty. What is it born out of?

Is it possible that, just maybe, I can give this up?

I am so sick of feeling ANYTHING. I don't want to be happy. I don't want to be sad. I don't want to be in love.

I just want REST.

We have to pick a song for LA and talk about the lyrics. I hate stuff like this, because I have such a varied musical interest that it makes it VERY hard to choose. I figure I'm gonna go with a Beatles song.
Cuz that's real cliche and awesome.

I'm so embarrassed that maybe I'll get like, critisized though :C

Oh yes. I'm addicted to Lady GaGa and might go see her in concert P:

Cherrycherrycherrycherry BOOM BOOM XD

Hmm, I'm gonna go make some epic dinner so I can feel better. I don't feel well today. I feel angry. Very angry. I want to try out to be Drum Major for our marching band, and Jonah will hate it. But I'm gonna try anyways. I'm determined. I also got my pills today. It's cool. But scary. I feel like I shouldn't be taking it, like it's taboo or something...

Anyways. I hate school and all the homework. So I'm off to do that. At least we have poetry unit now...



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OMG, i love Lady Gaga. I'm

OMG, i love Lady Gaga. I'm obsessed, I look for new demos/leaks daily, I check like, 3 different fansites... I love her. She's the only reason I have somewhat of an interest in pop music.

I saw her first Monster Ball in November... But I don't have any money for her tour this time around. Next time I'm definately going though.

She's really worth seeing live, she knows how to put on a good show.

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DAMMIT. >.< i had an awesome

i had an awesome comment but my wifi dieddd...

i think i said something about Beth Hart? ... and how i love her lyrics. maybe that'll help you in your LA thing. uh, the song that i love is Leave the Light On.

and i'm prolly going to Gagaloo, too.
(it rhymeedd!)

that is all. XD