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Today I've felt very... down? Distressed? Tearful? I'm not entirely sure how to describe it. I feel awful. I got into a big argument first thing this morning with those guys. Apparently, it's okay to shoot gay people because we're "molesters". Wow.

That just kind of set the day off wrong, really. Oh, [That Guy]'s mom is obsessed with my drawing. It's a little freaky... She just hovers over me and watches me color it, and it's so awkward. (It's art class, in case I haven't said so.)

French Class Girl tried to hug Irritating Girl again today, and Irritating Girl wasn't expecting it. Irritating Girl stumbled back, causing French Class Girl to slip with her. It was so hilarious.

Irritating Girl: Uhh, was I supposed to...?

Oh, and one of the guys I argued with accidentally called himself gay, then vehemently denied ever saying it. True mistake or Freudian slip? Hmm...

Those were really the only funny things that happened today. Today was just... shitty. My English teacher went on a rant about how no one "appreciates" school and how everyone will miss it when they finally leave.

Nope, pretty sure I'm not going to miss crying 3-4 nights a week because I hate my town, my surroundings, and 90% of the people I'm forced to be around daily. Does anyone actually miss high school? I saw one of my older friends today, and I asked her if she missed high school, and she looked at me like I'd grown five heads and a tail.

Then I started thinking about how by the time I graduate high school, move off, and start college, I will have wasted almost nineteen years of my life doing meaningless bullshit in the middle of nowhere. This upset me even more. That's a long time to waste living somewhere you can't stand.

And then of course, my brain's whole "Oh and you'll never get a girlfriend either. You're too ugly and weird and awkward" crap started in. I hate it when I do that, especially because I've been feeling particularly ugly lately. I always try to avoid all mirrors at school because the school uniform has a tendency to make me look fatter and shorter than I already am. >:C

I'm still feeling socially inept. :( My friend was online for an hour, and I didn't even talk to her. FAIL.


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*scoffs at the idea*
You are not ugly, weird, or awkward! You are hilariously funny, amazingly nice, and so awesome. If I could meet you, it'd be amazing. I'd be so happy.

And I'd date you, too :)

Now, *hug* If you're feeling sad, please PM me! I can try to help <3 I care about you! Alot!

For what would life be without the Super Duck amazingness?
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Haha, well, thanks! At least

Haha, well, thanks! At least someone appreciates my Super Duck-ness, right? :p But seriously, you have noooo idea how ugly and awkward I am in real life. D: I think maybe it's just school, though. I tend to look at least halfway decent if it's a non-school day.

Actually I think I will PM you, but tomorrow, since it's really late where I am.

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I can be dopey too...

I don't know if dopey is exactly the same as awkward, but they at least have to be close.

And, ugly? Well, I don't know. I'm not exactly beautiful, but I didn't crawl out of a sewer either... I don't really care enough to stress about it.
And, I don't think it's school that does it to you. I've noticed that my frank opinion of my looks changes with my mood. If school makes you unhappy, (and listening to what you say, it would make ME unhappy!), then you see yourself as ugly while there.

If I met you, I could say you were beautiful, except that I'm not really that good at judging the looks of girls anyway. If I cared enough to judge, that is.

Hai-kus are ea-sy
But some-times they don't make sense

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your a hottie

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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Said the really nice hottie.

Hai-kus are ea-sy
But some-times they don't make sense

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No further elaboration required...

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Chad, you're adorable in

Chad, you're adorable in your own way. I'm not really sure what your attractiveness pronoun is considering, well, you're off the map for me XD
I don't really gauge people's looks unless they're like "OH MY GOD SO SEXY" hahaha
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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You should send me a picture

You should send me a picture of you. Do it. I'll probably astonished by the beauty :)

YAY SUPER DUCK PM :D I hope you like meeez XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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if you were a boy iwould date you, but you got icky girl bits lol.

and furthormore, if i were inyour life i would be in JIAL for agravated assualt, 35 times

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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I'm flattered? :p Well,

I'm flattered? :p

Well, somebody needs to go crazy on them! Maybe if your ferret army could beat some sense into their tiny, underdeveloped brains...

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I haven't seen a picture of

I haven't seen a picture of you but I'm sure you're not ugly or horrible and I'm positive you're not uncapable of attracting a nice young lass.

Also, in response to your English teacher: I don't miss high school at all. It was just nice having all my friends in one spot. But that's it, really.

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I knew it, no one misses

I knew it, no one misses high school! My English teacher lies! >:C

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I do not miss high school. I

I do not miss high school. I have a small amount of nostalgia for a select few friends, classes, teachers, and theatrical experiences, but not enough to miss high school as a whole. I was a misfit. (Ironically I didn't even know I was gay till the middle of senior year, so it was just... generally not quite fitting in with the crowd.) You couldn't pay me to go back there.

I can see myself possibly missing college someday, but I'm not sure. I won't know for a few years yet.

As far as your ability to get a girlfriend, I wholeheartedly agree with Draco. And the others, but especially Draco (I like how she put it). :-)

Feel better *hugs*

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Yeah, pretty much everyone

Yeah, pretty much everyone I've asked said that they missed their friends and a few other experiences, but definitely not the entire high school experience itself.

And thanks! I am feeling a little better today, but not much...

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yeah, i dont think i'll be

yeah, i dont think i'll be missing high school.....just friends and that's about it.

i hate when my brain does that.....it's horrible...then things happen and make it worse....god....fucking horrible. :(

*gives special lamb_da hug to superduck*
my hugs cure everything. trufax.

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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90% of my friends don't even

90% of my friends don't even go to my school, so I doubt I'll even have anything to miss at all. :p

It's awful, isn't it? :( I wish my brain would just shut upppp!

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Oh SuperDuck

Oh SuperDuck...I'm sorry, that does sound like a shitty day. Your high school sounds very familiar to my middle school days, just other stuff, not 'queer' stuff as I was clueless back then, and a misfit, and a private and quiet person.

You have nothing to worry about, really. I'm sure everybody on here agrees with me when I say SuperDuck is awesome! =) You'll find somebody.

Yeah the whole wasting almost the first 2 decades of our lives is...daunting and depressing, but I'd say you aren't really wasting it now. You're who you are, as hard as it is to be so in your school and life, but you're still 'you'. Just make sure that when you go to college that you have the time of your life and live without regret. I think you owe yourself that much, hell all of us owe ourselves that much.

I know it's far, college. It's far even to me, and I'm graduating this year, but I'm taking a year off before I start college. But it'll be great when you finally get there. Just be your amazing self and get the best grades you can and then get the hell out of wherever-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-you-are and make your life great.


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I know, I can't wait for

I know, I can't wait for college. D: It really does seem far off. I still have 3 years left to try and make it through before I can get there. I know I'm going to make the best of it when I finally do.

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aw superduck

you're not ugly :(. youre epically awesome :]. im sure everybody has those days where they think that they arent attractive :P. i have them alot :P, but every now and then its like wow....not bad. im sure you have those days too right? youre kinda cute actually :3. *hugs*

"i remember when you and me, how we used to be such good friends. wouldnt give me none, when all i wanted was some..."-jack johnson

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Thanks. :p And yes, I do

Thanks. :p And yes, I do have those days where I seem more attractive than usual, but they're pretty rare. I had a day like that on Sunday, in fact. My hair looked really good that day.