for those of you in washington state...

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I can't find the link, but I heard something in regards to referundum-71 and the groups against it attempting to overturn it tonight...apparently the state supreme court is talking about giving out the personal information of voters and how they voted on the issue in an effort towards making their decision on whether or not 71 is constitutional.

idk about you guys, but i thought this kind of info was supposed to stay confidential...

if this is true, that the government can now go and use your votes and find out information on you, by using info on a 'confidential' ballot, I am worried.

i know chad is on 'hiatus' from here, but draco or anyone else in washington here anything about this?



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i with u on this one...

what in hell does our personal life have to do with our decisions to vote? yes, our personal information is definitely supposed to stay confidential. if not, its violating the constitution...

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i know it does...

and that's why I am sooo afraid of the fine line our state supreme court is walking right now in order to appease r-71 "everything but marriage" law overturners.

it is scary, to think that they are considering looking into people's personal info when looking @ signitures on the referendum.

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As I understand it, this is about releasing the names of the the people who signed the petitions to get it on the ballot. Not releasing the actual votes, which is very different.

Usually, people want the petitions released to question the validity of the signatures, etc. Many a ballot initiative has been put on the ballot with bogus signatures, cartoon characters, and dead people.

If you sign something on the street, outside a grocery store, or at a state fair, etc., I don't really think most people think they're engaged in some confidential activity.

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Nah, I've not heard anything

Nah, I've not heard anything about that. I'm not really into politics or anything, so... If I had, I wouldn't remember it either.
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thats fucked up

i agree with you that shit is uber scary. i dont think that they should be allowed to acess personal info by usign our ballots. i hope tat it dont go through
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