Four hundred a b seven semicolon period capital o comma nine

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I figured that'd be a more fun title than 400ab7;.O,9
Or whatever.

I'm lonely again. I forgot to write before I went to sleep last night (At eleven thirty. I sleep at the same time EVERY night, even school nights I think) and I got up at nine thirty.

Did I ever mention my love for tulips?

Kay, my best friend, picked me one yesterday and put it in my hair, and I realized "Gee, it's so pretty... I really do love tulips. "
It wilted overnight.

Is that me? A wilted tulip? Left out overnight with no water, struggling to live?

Poor tulip. I'll try to help you by putting you in water, I hope you'll be ok...

Why am I freaking crying over a TULIP?

Jeez. I

I'm gonna go shower now. I hate being in love. I hate it. I'm the wilted tulip- cut myself off just to get near to you, now I'm dying because of it.

Let's all just smile and pretend I'm not upset today.

Let's all lie.


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): *hugssss* ...


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*superhugsback* - You're

You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.