Friday + my weekend in general.

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Not necessarily in that order...

Last night I was freaking out because my cat had gone missing. :'( He got into a more few fights recently, which tore the hole on the screened-in porch even more. The box wouldn't cover it anymore, and he slipped out of the hole yesterday. When I realized he was gone, I panicked. I finally heard a cat crying really late last night, and I realized it was him, so I let him in and placed an even bigger box in front of the rip. Now he's pissed because he can't go outside. x3

Hmm, what else has happened this weekend besides nearly losing my cat? Oh, I was lying down, and my seven-year-old sister ran up to me and body-slammed my face, getting her disgusting sweat everywhere. Eww. Nothing like having a sweaty, 85-pound brat-child suffocating you! She kicked me in the stomach too, so I have a painful bruise there. She was mad at me because I screamed at her for opening up my laptop and mashing buttons while she thought I wasn't looking.

Her: Uh, it doesn't MATTER!
Me: Do you realize how much a laptop costs?
Her: Whateverrrr.
Her: You're not the BOSS of me.

I HATE LITTLE KIDS. AHHHHH! D: I was not that much of a little bitch when I was seven! I played my Gameboy games and stayed out of everyone else's shit! Ughhh. She has this mentality that because I am not Mommy or Daddy, she doesn't have to respect anything I say or do, even when I'm babysitting her. She feels that it's perfectly okay to beat the shit out of me and try to break my stuff. And no one seems to care because "she's like, less than half your age!" Well, she's huge! She comes up to about my shoulders. She weighs at least 85 pounds. She is NOT small! It hurts like a bitch when she sits on me or punches me in the boobs! (When she hits puberty, the first thing I'm going to do is punch her and show her how it feels.) Why is this so hard to comprehend?!

Oh, I should probably tell you guys about the field trip. It was rather uneventful, I guess. There weren't any hot girls at the museum! >:C I was mad. There were some other schools there, but we were the only high school. Everyone else was like, third grade. The teacher made us do work the whole time. Blah. I copied answers from the nice girl who never tells anyone no.

It rained all the way home, and the bus was old and leaky! It leaked in like, 5 different places, and I just so happened to be sitting by one. LOVELY!

Nothing too interesting happened. Wait, no, I noticed that the new girl has a really nice body. That's definitely worth reporting. One of those annoying guys was badly flirting with her. XD It was hilarious. He was like, stalking her the whole time too. Poor new girl. It must really suck to have Irritating Girl as a friend AND be lusted after by a stupid, hypocritical douchebag!

I'm going for a walk. I told my grandma I'm going on a diet, and she continues to bring me junky crap to eat because she doesn't believe I need to lose weight. Today I had to eat it since it was the only food in the house. x(


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iknoright?! stupid little

iknoright?! stupid little kids have no respect for you just because you're not mommy or daddy. *fumes*

:/ sorry about the museum...i didn't know high schoolers went on field trips...

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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What makes it worse is that

What makes it worse is that she does this even when our mom tells her to listen to me. UGH!

I wasn't aware we did either, actually. o_o The only field trips I've taken since about fifth grade were for classes like art. That's probably why we were the only ones there.

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annoying little kids are

annoying little kids are like, the bane of the world. Then you meet the parents, which explains why the kid is like that...

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I think it's actually my

I think it's actually my grandma's fault that my sister acts like she does. She has never, ever told the child no. Ever.

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Your sister is going down

Your sister is going down .___.
Ship her up here to Washington and my schools will put her in her place XD



AND SEND IT TO ME so I can laugh with you >8D
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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I'll ship her up there and

I'll ship her up there and let her stay! Forever! D: After she finishes learning how to not be stupid, she can live in a McDonald's or something.


and i will laugh

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Or she can live in a

Or she can live in a Starbucks. We have thousands of those up here...
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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They don't have

They don't have cheeseburgers, though. :p

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Smack a bitch around? I've

Smack a bitch around? I've heard ovaries punches hurt...

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I'll keep that in mind. But

I'll keep that in mind. But she WILL pay...